Happy 5th Birthday, Edison!

Another year down for Edison. This kid brings joy into our home every single day. He is funny and genuinely caring. His motto these days is could be summed up as a preference for asking for forgiveness rather than permission. He is adorable beyond all reason. It is very obvious when he is tired because everything, in his eyes, becomes impossibly difficult. He plays hard all day, every day. I admire his energy. Though it is not yet evident if he has the brains of another Edison we all know, he definitely has the confidence. He was working on something one morning and I heard him say, "I figured it out! I'm a genius!"  He loves having friends and family around but he is also perfectly happy playing alone. If he got to choose, he would want to be with other people all of the time though; he is a social butterfly to the core. He loves the little preschool group we are in and is learning nonstop. He knows lots of words. For example, "There are only really two things that start with a K: kat and katerpillar." We are working on getting him to stop tattling constantly. However, he has figured out how to rebuke and tattle simultaneously which is an impressive skill: "Mooooommmmmm!!! Alex is listening to the devil again!" He is starting to experiment with lying but sometimes his innocent honesty peeks through and makes me laugh. One day, Declan came inside crying while the boys were outside playing hockey. Edison quickly followed Declan in to defend himself and said, "I hit him on the head and foot twice. By accident! Twice!" I cannot help but squeeze him.

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