Random June events found below. Too many things every day. We need to dial it back a little.

Alex and I looked through his binder of things he did in preschool this year.

Alex's friend invited us to an indoor play place for her birthday party. Alex and Edison were running around like crazy people so only Declan is in most of the pictures.

Serving as Beehive Adviser is taking over my Wednesday nights. The girls made butt-kets for Girls Camp.

We met up with some friends at the splash pad on a warm day.

The Moores babysat our boys and the Hawkins' kids at the park while we had our date night. Usually we watch each other's kids at our own homes so it was fun for the kids to play outside.

We had one really busy Saturday. It started with the Home Depot Kids Workshop. Then we went to our friend Caden's birthday party. While we were there, Sam went to the temple. Then I went to the temple while Sam drove home with the boys. After I got home, we had dinner and then went swimming at our neighborhood pool. That night, Declan threw up three times. I was really nervous it had something to do with secondary drowning so none of us slept well that night.

We met some ward friends at The Galleria for a play date.

We drove to Spring to play in a splash pad with the Glads.

The Young Men and Young Women in our ward had a water game night. It was a lot of fun.

Our obsession with Toddler Time at the library continues.

I am so glad I am able to keep in touch with North Dakota friends! Hi, Olivia!

I am already running out of mutual ideas. Sometimes they get stuck playing games because my planned activity does not take enough time.

Parker Glad had a birthday so we went to celebrate at his house with cake and ice cream.

Brandon, Alex, Parker, and Edison

Our ward had an activity with a summer salad competition. I thought I brought the most amazing salad but I did not win. Bummer.

I drove up to Girls Camp for one evening. It was so hot so the leaders in our ward chose the seats right by the giant fans. We could not hear all of the testimonies but we were not sweaty!

Emily, Brittany, Taylor

A mom I met through Houston Moms is getting married. It was really fun to go to her bridal shower. Marcia is so kind and I am really happy for her. I also realized it has been a while since I have been to a bridal shower! Most of my friends are in the baby shower stage now.

Amanda and Emily

Emily and Marcia

A few stakes in our area joined together for A Star-Spangled Sing-Along on a Sunday night.

The MOMS Club had their annual banquet and they gave out these sheets where people had answered questions about each other. I cried.

Suzy and Emily

We love dance parties.

Edison's car seat had a little bit of a malfunction. It was immediately resolved. So scary!

I make the boys take a lot of pictures, sometimes I jump in the pictures as well.

I ran out of laundry detergent and had to make some more. I have been doing this for a few years now and I still love it! So cheap!

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