The week we went to Utah

Alex and I went to Utah to visit Keaton. I was so excited to meet my newest nephew. He is a pretty big baby and yet I do not remember when Alex was so small. After picking up Keaton, Alex felt like a chunk. Also, Keaton's head is teensy tiny and Alex's is "like an orange on a toothpick." I had a lot of fun visiting. Here are some of our adventures:

Sleeping in the airport.

So tired once with got to Micheldon's (Michelle + Sheldon) house.

Keaton and Sheldon

We went on a walk and Michelle really bundled up Keaton!

He is getting more interested in walks.

We saw some ducks.

All the toys around and he wants to eat the changing pad.

Always on the move.

Playing at Grandpa and Grandma Merkley's.

Stranger anxiety again...

Grandpa, Grandma, and Aunt Emily

Keaton stretching

Making friends

Hanging out with the Judds.

Kayla and Alex

Sheldon and Keaton

Getting some gelato.

He loved playing with this balloon.

Laura, Alex, Matthew, and Keaton

Chad, Chelsey, Alex, Kayla, and Grandpa Hilton

Alex and Chelsey

Keaton with his Great Grandma!

Keaton does not like tummy time very much yet.

Alex getting used to Uncle Sheldon.



Alex does not really like solid foods at all. We are trying everything we can think of but he just uses his tongue to push the food out. I really liked the carrots but Sam thought they were gross. We think this is because I really like sweet potatoes and Sam doesn't. These carrots tasted very similar to sweet potatoes.

I think I'm going to like this one!

Solids are fun!

I changed my mind.

If you think I'm opening my mouth, you're crazy!

Not interested.


Sam is playing on a intramural basketball team. It is an LDS team but the games are organized by Cornell. I was far away so it was hard to get a good picture but you get the idea. Sam is having a lot of fun and he played well!

Number 44!

Sam's got attitude? Or he's just tired.

Alex climbed over everything to get to the ball.

Family fun.



We have been having quite a bit of snow so we decided to go out and play in it. I know there are a lot of pictures but we have a very cute son and we just can't resist him. All of our plans got canceled today and we decided that people here are afraid of going out in the snow. Sam said the roads are very clear though so maybe we will go out and have the town to ourselves!

Just a wee pathway.

Our front door.


Almost as tall as Sam!

What is this plastic bag I am on?

Father and son.

Eat it!

Mommy's angel.

Daddy's devil.

Now how do I get out?

Stop dropping snow on my head!

All fun and games until it goes down my back.

Not too cold.

The aftermath.

Warming up.



Alex was not very happy on the day I tried to give him pears. He was having a little bit of stranger anxiety because of his Uncle Sheldon. I did not know that stranger anxiety started so early but it does and Alex is struggling with new people. He eventually warmed up to Sheldon but he especially liked to look at him from across the room. Oh well. I thought the pears were delicious. Definitely my favorite so far.

His favorite part.

I don't know about this!

I'd like it if I wasn't still crying.

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