Rice cereal

Alex started rice cereal on February 1st. This was a big event and we recorded it but the video is so long and I do not feel like spending half of my life uploading it onto the blog. So just imagine what faces he made in between these pictures.

Sam and I also tried the rice cereal. It was made with breastmilk though so we were both gagging. I felt like a cannibal for drinking my own breastmilk. We tasted rice cereal again a few days later using water and it was still sick. Alex has definitely started eating more each day and he opens his mouth when the spoon gets near. He dances when we put him in the high chair like he knows what is coming. It is adorable.


Jershon & Shelly Lopez said...

What, baby food isn't appetizing? Not even the pees? haha. He is so cute! I like the last picture. It looks like he's saying "no way!"

The Paxton Family said...

I love that you are trying everything you feed Alex. Super gross! But they definitely get WAY worse at the next stage when you get more than one fruit or vegetable in the jar! YUCK!

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