Our Top 13 of 2013

We have had a pretty exciting year and it is hard to place things in order of best to not-the-best-but-still-awesome. So I numbered things but really all of these things were fan-freakin'-tastic. Time is going by so quickly and it is hard to believe that another year is done. Looking back on this year makes me appreciate how blessed we have been.

13. Sam's trip to Bogota (August)
It was awesome that Sam was able to go to a training in Colombia. Although he didn't get to see very much of the city, he got a small taste and that was very cool. We both have the international travel bug and hope we have a lot more opportunities to see the world.

 photo Bogota2_zps24b4135a.jpg

12. Sam running the Fargo Marathon (May)
He spent months training for this marathon and the mix of feelings (for both of us) as he crossed the finish line was really unexpected but amazing.

 photo Marathon2_zps65bef92b.jpg

  photo Marathon6_zps4c0022e4.jpg

11. Visits from family
We somehow managed to trick several family members into visiting us in North Dakota. Although most of them were sissies and came in the summer, Michelle and her kids toughed it out in February. But we welcome visitors at any time of the year!

  photo Michelle4_zpse6138b29.jpg

 photo DaveMarian15_zps076235d9.jpg

 photo EmilysVisit6_zps6466e94e.jpg

 photo MomDad11_zps834397c1.jpg

 photo Bardsleys5_zps5dc302a8.jpg

10. Seeing Jared
This was not something I expected to be in my top 13 from the year but it ended up being one. I cried when I saw Jared at Thanksgiving. I am so glad he got home safely from Taiwan and I had missed him like crazy. I am worried about how I will feel when my sons go on missions if I feel this way about my dorky brother.

 photo Thanksgiving33_zps7e6075a0.jpg

9. Bowling
I have always really liked bowling. Having an entire summer of free bowling was pretty awesome. It is embarrassing that I took two bowling classes in college but still get excited when I break 100.

 photo Bowling6_zps5ce5189c.jpg

8. Hilton Family Reunion at Zion Ponderosa (July)
It is getting more difficult to get everyone together but it was so great to go hang out with my cousins and siblings and have our kids hang out with their cousins. I am so glad we had this reunion.

 photo ZionPonderosa4_zps8aa8fa2c.jpg

7. Food
I have not always liked cooking. I am not sure what I ate while I was in college because I remember thinking it was a big deal when I made Hamburger Helper one day; I was so proud of myself. I should probably thank my roommates for keeping me alive during that time. I took a cooking class at some point and then another one. Suddenly I loved cooking and my love has only grown since that time. I love planning our meals and then cooking them. I also love to go out to eat. I wish my kids loved eating my food as much as I love making it.

  photo image_zpsc7d003b5.jpg

6. Library Trips
At some point, Alyssa and I decided to start meeting once a week at the library. I have pictures of it somewhere but right now I can only find a picture of us on a walk. Alex, Edison, Madisyn, and Alexa are such good friends. I love libraries. Reading to my kids in the library and visiting with Alyssa has definitely been a highlight of my year.

 photo Misc7_zps6889c94f.jpg

5. Serving in the Relief Society Presidency
 I have loved the opportunity to serve in this aspect in my ward. It was so hard at first and I couldn't find my purpose but this calling has helped me grow so much and I am grateful for it.

 photo Breakfast1_zps25dd0c14.jpg

4. Working out
I am not very consistent with working out. I go through periods of working out for a few weeks or months but then that dies out. I do not have anything close to a lifelong workout routine. In September, Maggie and I started working out together three times a week. It made such a big difference to have good company. I look forward to these workouts so that I get to see Maggie.

 photo RunOrDye6_zps0e88475b.jpg

3. Babe Ruth World Series (August)
By far my favorite thing we have done in Williston thus far. It was a whole week where we breathed baseball. I am excited to sit in the hot sun and watch my kids play baseball one day. If they want to play baseball, that is. (Please, one of you has to want to play baseball!)

 photo WorldSeries2_zpsa686ac0b.jpg

2. Celebrating holidays with kids 
Is everything better with kids? Holidays are way better! I love seeing their faces when they are so excited! I enjoy spending time making things special for them.

 photo Green1_zps4fa8b738.jpg

 photo BallParty8_zps781cc80d.jpg

 photo FathersDay3_zps4d9016da.jpg

 photo Halloween10_zps1c704e31.jpg

1. Declan (April)
How could anything else be number one? The birth of our third child. He has changed our lives and brought us so much joy. His actual entrance into the world was a spiritual experience that brought Sam and me closer together. Sam is an amazing father and I love watching him be a Daddy.

 photo Birth3_zps2f0e1983.jpg

Hip hip hurray, 2013!

NYE 2013

I wanted to celebrate the New Year with the boys but did not want to keep them up until midnight so I invited over the Althoffs and we celebrated noon instead of midnight.

We started out the party with what every party needs: food.

 photo NYE1_zpsc8d6502a.jpg
Edison and Madisyn, Alexa and Alex

Then we made some noise.

 photo NYE2_zpseb4411be.jpg

Threw tons of confetti.

 photo NYE3_zps81f5c96a.jpg

Declan thought it was food.

 photo NYE4_zps47db1087.jpg

We drank sparkling cider.

 photo NYE5_zpsf91ab2b7.jpg

Before they headed home, we attacked them with silly string.

 photo NYE6_zpsebc70e0a.jpg

For dinner that night, we did the traditional fondue. It was delicious. I overate.

 photo NYE7_zpsf5b8964c.jpg

The boys had a rave and then went to bed.

 photo NYE8_zpsed65866b.jpg

Sam and I stayed up and wrote down some New Year's Resolutions. They include more date nights and also dates with the boys, personal development goals, more reading, more sleep, more visits to the temple, and more awesomeness. We toasted with sparkling cider at midnight and then looked out of our bedroom and watched three different firework shows. That's the good thing about living in a town with a ton of crazy guys who have excess money. The fireworks went on for an hour. I am looking forward to 2014. I think it is going to be a good year, just like 2013. Life is pretty sweet.


Christmas Vacation

I was not very excited to make the drive back to Utah again after all of the vomit that happened on the drive for Thanksgiving. But I didn't want to ditch Sam's family so I sucked it up and went anyway. Since we've been married, we have not spent a Christmas at Sam's parents' house. We had one Christmas with them but we celebrated in Columbus at the Warnick's. I was excited to see the Merkley family traditions that Sam grew up doing.

Before we left town, we delivered gifts to our friends and neighbors. I wanted to do it as a family but it was so cold that I ran up to the doors and Sam and the boys stayed in the car. We took a break at Arby's between the 20 deliveries we made.

 photo Christmas57_zps8075f86e.jpg

On Saturday, we left for Utah at 9:15am. Sam drove the entire time both directions. That never happens. It was great though. It was the shortest day of the year so it got dark early. The roads were pretty good on the way down and we got to his parents' house in fifteen hours. The boys were wired, despite it being after midnight.

 photo Christmas58_zps873209c2.jpg

The next day, we went to church and then went to Emily Sarah's house for dinner. I was really worried about going over there for dinner because she does not have a kitchen table and she collects shot glasses. It ended up being pretty bad because there was not one single thing that the boys were allowed to touch. No shot glasses got broken. The boys played with her guinea pig though. The next day, Emily Sarah told me that her guinea pig had died. She had noticed he was slowing down all week so I'm hoping the boys didn't stress him to death.

 photo Christmas1_zps7ccea097.jpg

Declan got to play with two of his great-grandmas at once.

 photo Christmas2_zps5ba5c036.jpg

On Monday, we went shopping in the morning then played around the house. We let the boys pick out a toy for each other at the dollar store. We asked them to keep it a secret. When we got back in the car together, they both immediately announced what they had picked out for each other. Then we got home and they announced to Dave and Marian that we got them a croquet set. So much for surprises!

 photo Christmas59_zps0e7cca00.jpg

 photo Christmas60_zpsa66cdbdf.jpg

 photo Christmas61_zpsad3fd9ea.jpg

 photo Christmas62_zpsf4cb2b99.jpg

For dinner, Grandma Merkley took us out for dinner to Chuck-a-Rama. Old people love buffets. Last time she took us there I was pregnant with Declan and could not find a single thing that looked appetizing. This time it was better but the place was so busy! We had to wait for an hour just to get a seat!

 photo Christmas3_zpsc671569f.jpg

On Tuesday morning, we bundled up and headed out to go sledding. It had snowed a lot on Sunday and we probably should have gone sledding on Monday since, by Tuesday, the snow was pretty much ice. The boys didn't mind. They love snow when it is warm outside!

 photo Christmas4_zpsac274c9e.jpg

 photo Christmas5_zps69e415d8.jpg

 photo Christmas6_zps3b86ab45.jpg

 photo Christmas7_zps4f1742b5.jpg

 photo Christmas8_zps46782ac4.jpg

 photo Christmas9_zps22296b40.jpg

 photo Christmas10_zps54829f52.jpg

 photo Christmas11_zps0a658f7c.jpg

 photo Christmas12_zpsc375756f.jpg

 photo Christmas13_zpsdeb47c76.jpg

 photo Christmas14_zps95a87e3f.jpg

 photo Christmas15_zpsc8f67ff2.jpg

 photo Christmas16_zps2486a1e4.jpg

 photo Christmas17_zps5199fd33.jpg

 photo Christmas18_zps236ddf28.jpg

Marian made a fancy dinner for Christmas Eve. When she said she needed to make a salad, Alex said, "Do you even know how to make salad?" Marian responded, "I do. Smarty pants." Alex shouted back, "Smarty shirt!" So much attitude.

 photo Christmas19_zps4807e2ba.jpg

After dinner, we acted out the nativity and read a story about Christmas symbols.

 photo Christmas20_zps6046c114.jpg

 photo Christmas21_zpsf7592e6b.jpg

 photo Christmas22_zps3168bf51.jpg

 photo Christmas23_zps49fb851d.jpg

 photo Christmas24_zps078b4a72.jpg

 photo Christmas25_zps271a9f22.jpg

 photo Christmas26_zps23920875.jpg

We let the boys open some pajamas on Christmas Eve. They were thrilled.

 photo Christmas27_zps0da376cb.jpg

 photo Christmas28_zps7507a3d7.jpg

 photo Christmas29_zps08017092.jpg

 photo Christmas30_zps4bbe7f53.jpg

After the children were asleep, Santa got to work.

 photo Christmas64_zps993c7600.jpg

Christmas morning did not start super early which I was grateful for. Once the boys woke up, they couldn't wait to get upstairs!

 photo Christmas31_zps68e0f85c.jpg

 photo Christmas32_zps5e714576.jpg

 photo Christmas33_zpsbc8a79e1.jpg

 photo Christmas39_zps8b79b9bb.jpg

I was looking into getting Alex a digital camera for Christmas because he loves taking pictures so much. But I didn't want to spend $100 on a camera that he would drop and it would break. Then I saw this toy camera on Amazon. It was on sale for $5. It is basically just a case and then we insert Sam's old phone and it works to take pictures. Brilliant invention.

 photo Christmas34_zpse304bf62.jpg

 photo Christmas35_zpsd008ea9e.jpg

 photo Christmas36_zps22ba571f.jpg

 photo Christmas37_zpscb9febaa.jpg

 photo Christmas63_zpsfa1a860a.jpg

After naps, we went to see Frozen.

 photo Christmas38_zps798e2d8e.jpg

 photo Christmas41_zpsd4563100.jpg

The boys cuddled up with lots of stuffed animals for sweet dreams while Sam and I Skyped with Matthew and Laura.

 photo Christmas40_zpsea16267b.jpg

On Thursday morning, Sam and Dave took the kids sledding again while I slept in. It was nice!

 photo Christmas53_zps922099fb.jpg

On Thursday, we went to the Treehouse Museum in Ogden. It was awesome! I wish we had gotten there earlier in the day because we stayed until closing and I still wanted more time!

 photo Christmas42_zps8792dbfd.jpg

 photo Christmas43_zps9b63b247.jpg

 photo Christmas44_zpsd53eb0ae.jpg

 photo Christmas45_zpsdf5b2375.jpg

 photo Christmas46_zps4ed54015.jpg

 photo Christmas47_zpsd6578c01.jpg

 photo Christmas48_zpsb4907eef.jpg

 photo Christmas49_zps86255f10.jpg

 photo Christmas50_zps885eb626.jpg

 photo Christmas52_zps3d1d55ec.jpg

We went out for dinner at Dave and Marian's favorite Thai restaurant and then drove around the Layton City Park Christmas lights. Twice. The second time through there was a family handing out hot chocolate. It was very sweet.

 photo Christmas54_zps2aa54d00.jpg

On Friday, Dave and Marian babysat the boys while Sam and I went to the Bountiful Temple.

 photo Christmas55_zpsc7636617.jpg

That night, I took Alex and Edison to wander around Target and then I read a book on my Kindle all night. Such a great Christmas present from Sam!

We started the drive back to Williston on Saturday at 9:30am. Edison was crying because he had an earache. At Thanksgiving I was wishing I had a sick kid instead of a puking kid. I got my wish at Christmas. The weather was really bad from Billings to Williston and we didn't get home until midnight.

 photo Christmas56_zps2964a175.jpg

Santa had forgotten to bring one thing to Utah so he left it for the boys in Williston.

 photo Christmas65_zpsd1f872d3.jpg

Sam got a giant apple at work. A picture cannot fully capture the size of this apple. It weighed two pounds and the nutrition facts say it serves 17 people, for a total of 2550 calories. It was so delicious though.

 photo Christmas66_zps63288739.jpg

The boys were excited to play with their new Christmas toys in their own house. Our house is brimming with toys. These kids are sure spoiled!

 photo Christmas67_zps927ac750.jpg

 photo Christmas68_zps15066825.jpg

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