White Elephant Party

We went to a Christmas party at the Andelin's. It was crazy to have a few hours without any kids! I went a strange direction with the white elephant gift we brought and I bought condoms, Depends, and a pregnancy test. When we got to the party, I realized it was more of a family party with a few friends. Then the Andelin's mom picked our gift. I was mortified. But there was no better person to get our gift. Seeing how mortified she was made it hysterical.

Sam ended up getting rotating spaghetti forks and I got tattoo sleeves. I feel like we kind of hit the jackpot because the boys love both of the things we brought home and want to use them as much as possible. Edison thinks the tattoo sleeves count as a coat and tries to go outside wearing just the sleeves.

 photo Andelins1_zpsbc61b4b5.jpg

The Andelins are moving to Mesquite, Nevada in a few weeks and it will be so sad to see them go. I wish we had spent more time with them. They are such a fun family. I am glad I got to meet Amy and hear stories about my Sam as a teenager though.

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Emily, Sam, Amy, Sam

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