I have very mixed feelings about my freckles. There are times when I think they are cute and other times when I want to plaster my face with foundation so that you can't see them. I know that would look terrible, but as long as the freckles are covered then I would be happy.

Freckles add character, I guess. But part of that character is that I look really young. Most people guess that I am around 16. I have been getting that same guess since I was about 16! It is ridiculous! Freckles remind me of my family. And of Arizona. For those reasons, I love them. I just do not feel like freckles are a mature look. Sometimes I just want to look like the 22-year-old mom I am. I want people to know that I am Alex's mom and not his sister or nanny (people have guessed both of those). A good thing about them is that they help disguise acne. Or do I just look like I have a lot of acne all the time?

Emily and Sam, 2008

When I was swimming every day, my freckles looked much better. I know that more freckles appeared because of all of the time I was spending in the sun, but I was also much tanner and so they didn't seem as bad. Now I am whitewhitewhite and the freckles are taking over my face.

I have a really cute friend who has lots of freckles. She owns them, too. We have been friends forever and ever. Maybe the freckles help bond us. That made sense in my head...

Whitni and Emily, 2006

One day I am sure I will love that I look so young. But with Sam looking so old all the time, it sure would be nice if that gap could be narrowed a little bit. For now (and probably forever), I am the frizzy-haired, freckle-faced, extremely dorky, younger-looking wife and mother. I guess it is kind of cool to have my very own constellation of freckles.


Our Excuse

A few weeks ago, Sam had an interview where he had to go to the company's headquarters. It was only a few hours away so he drove there. The night before the interview, the company had a dinner at a fancy restaurant planned for all of the candidates.

Sam got to the city in plenty of time, but after he checked into his hotel and was getting dressed for dinner, he noticed that he didn't have any dress shoes. He hurried to the store to buy some shoes but he was about 30 minutes late to the dinner. (Bad impression, we know.) When he walked in, someone jokingly asked him if it had been a rough day. Sam laughed and explained that he has a young child who must have pulled his dress shoes out of his bag so he had to go buy new shoes.

I know Alex. This story is completely possible. Alex is obsessed with shoes and is always putting his feet in them, trying to walk around, or carrying them around. However, in this case, it was a lie. Sam simply forgot to pack shoes. Although I disagree with lying, I do agree that Sam's excuse does sound better than "I forgot my shoes."


Before I was pregnant with Alex, I promised that I would never use the pregnancy as an excuse to get out of anything. I held to that promise even after Alex was born. I cannot think of a time I have ever used Alex as an excuse to get out of something. As a false excuse, that is. I have had to leave things to nurse him or for his nap time but I have never made up an excuse involving Alex in order to get out of something. I am sure my day will come, I just hope it isn't for a long, long time.



Anyone who has spent more than 30 seconds around our family knows that we call Alex "(the) devil" more often than we call him "Alex." This came from saying he was a "Cute little devil." It probably seems odd to strangers, and maybe friends, but we say it without even noticing now. Alex responds to it just like he responds to his real name.

Alex has gotten into the habit of playing with things that aren't really kid appropriate. Such things as the toilet, steak knives, and bookshelves. Sam has started saying that things are either "N.F.D." or "F.D." This means that they are Not for Devil or For Devil. I am considering putting Post-It Notes on everything in the house so Alex can know what is meant for him; but I'm pretty sure he already knows. That's why he is a little devil!


My Lost Identity

Sometimes I feel like I have lost part of my identity. Some was taken by Sam and some more was taken by Alex. I guess not so much "Taken" as my identity is changing. There are parts of my old identity that I really miss though. I really miss sports. I did swimming and played softball competitively (tee ball at first, where it wasn't too competitive yet) starting around the age of six until I graduated from high school.



I would sometimes watch golf or tennis on TV on Saturdays but there were many sports that I was not really interested in, such as basketball and football. My husband, known to most as Sam, is obsessed with basketball and football. Most often, people assume that Sam is the sports-lover in the family. It is frustrating to me that my love for sports gets overshadowed by Sam's love for sports. It is like there is only one sports-lover allowed in each family.

When I was a senior in high school, some friends made signs to cheer me on during my softball games. It was so cute and I felt very loved. They even came up with songs involving our team name. We won the championship that year. My parents still have one of the signs hidden behind their bedroom door!

When I went to BYU, I took two golf classes. Although I am not very good, Sam and I really enjoying golfing together. 

So even though I do not usually shove my love for sports down other peoples' throats, I really love watching and playing sports. I am always up to attend a professional sports game and I love the whole feeling and atmosphere of sports.


I was reared by the Amish and I didn't even know it.

Once upon a time, I was talking to a friend and telling her about my childhood. She told me that it sounded an awful lot like I was reared by Amish people. My parents definitely weren't Amish, but I have laughed about that comment from her frequently since then. It is true that my parents did many things that were not traditional. A few things that come to mind are:

1. We used fructose instead of sugar.
2. I only wore hand-me-downs (which I grew up thinking were "hammy downs").
3. We were homeschooled until ninth grade.
4. They let us play on the roof of the house and pretend to shoot cars while they drove by.
5. My family members seem to collect guns but we aren't hunters.
6. The first time I went to the hospital for myself was when Alex was born.
7. We had rice milk or soy milk instead of cow's milk.
8. My mom had 7 out of 8 of her kids at home (all naturally).
9. There seems to be a general distrust/disbelief of mainstream ideologies.
10. We are very passionate about politics.

That being said, I think almost all of the things above are good. I would not change a single thing about my childhood. I was such a happy kid and I think I turned out fairly well. I wish I had paid more attention to the things they did so I could repeat them in my family.

While I was pregnant with Alex, my mom gave me all of her old maternity clothes. When I first saw them, I wasn't big yet so I thought they looked cute and I was excited for them. But then my stomach exploded. I wore her maternity clothes the entire pregnancy. Sam even told me I looked Amish and one day he said I looked like I wasn't even pregnant; I just looked big. So sad! I decided I should probably get different maternity clothes the next time so I didn't look so crunchy. My sister got pregnant so I gave her all of my mom's maternity clothes and only kept six shirts that I really loved. I feel like I am missing a box of maternity clothes somewhere though!

A few days ago I had Sam take pictures of me in the six maternity shirts I own. I am definitely going to have to get new ones because only one of these has long sleeves and I might freeze in my summer maternity shirts.



Sam's parents gave me a very generous gift card for my birthday so I can get maternity clothes but I don't know how far that will go. Maybe I can be a little less Amish. Or at least be understanding when you see me wearing the same clothes each week.



Sam and I are so different. A few days ago I asked him to come up with three things for which he is thankful. He responded, "Only three?" I guess I am the pessimist in the relationship because I expect things to go poorly and then am pleasantly surprised when they go well. I sometimes have a hard time seeing the good and instead focus on everything going wrong. Sam is helping me to stop doing this, but it is a new struggle for me. I never felt like anything was bad before! This Thanksgiving, I am especially grateful for a few things.

Sam is thankful for:
1. Babies. I am so grateful I have healthy and happy babies (wife, son, and fetus)
2. Family. A loving and supportive family makes such a difference in my life.
3. Holidays. Relaxing and spending time with family and friends is a sure way for me to be happy.

Emily is thankful for:
1. Tomorrow. I am not a perfect wife or mother. I am so glad I have tomorrow to try to be better than I was today.
2. Energy. This is mostly in regards to Alex. I cannot believe how much energy this kid has. He is helping me appreciate my health and body.
3. Pregnancy. I absolutely love being pregnant. I am so happy I have this chance again.

Alex is thankful for:
1. Sticks. These are all-purpose toys. It can be used as a weapon if someone tries to invade my turf. Or I can just wield it around and poke things.
2. Shoes. Mommy doesn't let me play outside without them and I think I would go crazy if I couldn't play outside.
3.Weight. Mommy spoils me and lets me eat whatever I want because she is worried about my weight. I especially like candy.


Our Sixth Home

We have now lived in this apartment for three months. I am not quite sure why it took me so long to take pictures of it. Maybe because it is always so messy. The reason I take pictures of our apartments is because I regret not recording what our first apartment looked like. I want to be able to show our kids the apartments we have lived in and not just the rooms we frequently took pictures of them in (the kitchen and living room). This is the first three bedroom apartment we have lived in but the rooms are small. We couldn't even tell which room was the Master Bedroom when we got there!

We really have enjoyed this apartment. I love the kitchen. It makes cooking so easy for me. The amount of cabinets and counter space really make me happy. The best part of this apartment is the community. I love that we can go outside any day and there will most likely be friends for Alex to play with and other women for me to talk to. I will miss that when we leave Ithaca. I dislike the mirror in the bathroom. It isn't the right height for me. It drives me crazy. It is so nice to finally have overhead lighting (in the bedrooms, at least). It has been a good place for us.








Big Talk

When we first moved to Ithaca, we noticed that there were a few things people swore by here in town. Some of these things really are great and other things are just normal, but incredibly hyped. We couldn't really understand why people got so worked up about them but here are the top five things we have noticed people talk about in Ithaca:

1. Gorges. You can't go a day in Ithaca without seeing a few "Ithaca is Gorges" bumper stickers or t-shirts. This is something I think should be talked up though. Ithaca and the finger lakes are beautiful. I am rarely taken aback by nature but Ithaca makes me do a double-take frequently. This place is beautiful.

2. Wegmans. I have heard this described as The Holy Grail of Grocery Stores. When we first came to Ithaca in 2009 to find housing before we moved here, we went on campus to get a tour and meet some administrators. Everyone kept asking us, "Have you been to Wegmans?!" It is a tourist destination in Ithaca. It is just an oversized grocery store. Although, when their produce is in stock, it is always very fresh. I do not go to Wegmans to relax and wander around, although I know people who do. It seems like shopping at Wegmans is a vacation for some people. Strange.

3. The winter. Holy smokes. I cannot believe how much people talk about the weather here. I can see why though. It is hard to think of anything else when your brain has been frozen. But there are days when it is not too bad, and yet Ithaca shuts down. People become homebodies in the winter.

4. Snow plows. This goes along with the bad winter. People always say, "The winter is bad, but the roads don't get bad. They are really good about plowing!" This is true for the busier streets but our experience of sliding into a tree while driving on an unplowed road begs me to differ. I think the roads don't get very bad because it seems to snow a lot in a day and then not snow for a few days. That gives them plenty of time to plow all of the roads.

5. TCAT. This is the bus system in Ithaca. Parking on campus is really expensive and inconvenient so almost everyone takes the bus. For Sam's first year, it was free. Based on where we lived, Sam could choose from two bus routes and so it was really convenient. This year, he has only one option of bus routes to take to get to campus and he has to take the 7:30 bus to get to his 8:40 class each day. We have decided that the bus is really convenient to get to and from campus during the day. It is nice that I don't have to wake up or drive in the winter, but it isn't as great for Sam.

Honorable Mention:
Frack. There are signs all over town about stopping fracking. I had no idea what frack meant but I think it means something about hydraulic fracturing of the ground in order to increase the amount of liquid a reservoir can hold. I am not sure if this is a good or bad thing, but Ithacans are pretty hippy-ish so protesting this just seems to fit right in.


Mental Notebook

I keep paper and a pencil by my bed and I am also frequently typing thoughts into my phone. My "brilliant" ideas usually come to me as I am about to fall asleep; at that point I am too tired to reach over and grab something to write it down. I decide to think about it really hard and I know in the morning I will be able to remember it.

The only problem is that my mental notebook is illegible. This leaves me frustrated in the morning. Why can't I remember what I was thinking?! I have the best ideas at night! Sheesh, I need to work on my mental handwriting.



When Sam was living in Oklahoma City (2006), he found an armadillo, cornered it in a Wal-Mart parking lot, and brought it back to his apartment. It spent the night in the bath tub and they named it Albert. He and his roommates released it the next day, traumatized by the entire experience, I am sure.

It seems Sam has formed a habit of hanging things upside down. We think Alex enjoys it more than the armadillo did though.


In case you weren't convinced that Alex is one cute son of a gun, this is the picture of him rotated and enlarged. Adorable.



Brief Thoughts

 Ever wondered what it would be like to hear someone's thoughts for a day? Here is your chance:

I feel bad that I can manipulate Alex's schedule and put him down anytime, even if he's not tired.
I can't wait to have a kitchen where I have to move around in order to sweep the whole thing.
Alex is so cute when he wakes up all groggy and just wants to cuddle.
I sure wish Sam hadn't gotten home at 2am last night. That would have made this morning much easier.
Teeter totters just make one kid go home with a sore butt and feeling fat.
I am balding.
Sam is throwing food at Alex. Great. This is going to be a hard lesson to un-learn.
Who taught my baby not to eat the crust?! Somebody's gonna die!
Is there a world record for the most poopy diapers in one day? I think Alex just beat it.
Can we pretend that shooting stars aren't every girls' status?
Wal-Mart might just be the death of me. Five hours here and I have to pay them?!
Alex loves vacuums so much. He just found his favorite aisle in the store. *brain explodes*
Why does it take so long to clean up things that only take a second to spread around?
Alex sleeps in bizarre positions. How does he get his butt so high in the air?
How is it possible for this baby to be pushing on my throat and bladder at the same time?
If I leave the clean laundry there long enough, maybe Sam will fold it.
Are people really going to need our bathroom when they come over or can I just close the door instead of cleaning it?
Since when did watching movies become a chore?
If Alex doesn't stop putting on my high heels, Sam is going to get worried.
I wonder if mechanics can ever get all of that grease off their hands.
I wish I got paid for being a stay-at-home mom. That would make bills much easier to handle.
That was supposed to be done in July?! Whoops. It wasn't me?
Why didn't Sam's old passport come back? Dang it! That had all of his mission stamps in it!
Why are there fingerprints on the toilet lid again? "ALEX!"
If CPS could see our apartment now, Alex would totally be taken away.
I have amazing friends. Fresh homemade bread? Thanks, Erin!
Why am I trying to blog every day of November? Terrible decision.
I miss swimming. I need to find a pool.
Sam shaves for interviews more often than he shaves for me! Should I be worried?
Church is tomorrow. I am already tired from thinking about chasing Alex around. So much for a day of rest.
I want to read a real book.
Am I seriously going to have another kid? What if I don't love him as much?
People shouldn't feel right about charging so much for laundry.
I wonder when Sam will be able to come home and actually be home; I am getting really sick of all of this work.
I don't think I'll be able to eat very much at Thanksgiving dinner. I have been more of a snacker these days.
Wal-Mart mechanic, if you are going to go through  my glove compartment, mind your own business and don't tell me that my granola bars need thrown away.
We need to return that movie we borrowed.
Why isn't there any water in this entire room?
Is Alex going to try to nurse again when this baby is nursing? I don't think I could handle that.
It is bedtime. Why am I still awake?

I had more thoughts. But they weren't as important so I can't remember them. Most of these things came out of my mouth about two seconds before I registered the thought, which is pretty typical for me. I am sure I judged some people, too. But like I said, my thoughts about them don't matter. Now it really is bedtime.



We went to Cornell basketball's home season opener on Wednesday. We got there an hour and a half before the game so we could get free jerseys. I feel pretty spiffy with a cool jersey now. We are excited to wear them to the next game!

We left the arena and then came back once the game had started. Because we had Alex, they told us to sit in the front row of the student section so we wouldn't have to stand up all the time. It was so nice to sit there. Alex loved the game. He watched the whole time and was following the ball with his eyes, even up to the basket! He really loves balls. One time he tried running out on the court and Sam had to chase him down. He needs to grow about four more feet before he'll fit in with those guys!


Cornell ended up winning (75-61). Now that we learned that spouses get in free (I am still bitter for all the times we paid last year) we will be going to lots more games. College basketball games are so fast so Alex only had to stay up 45 minutes past his bedtime!


Conglomeration Weekend

A couple of weekends ago, Sam's program had a tailgate party before the football game. It was freezing cold and so only a few people showed up! It was really sad! But I enjoyed getting to know some people that I had never met before. It was fun. We also got to take food home since they bought so much. Alex was shivering so we decided not to stay for the game. Good thing because Alex fell asleep immediately after getting back to the car!


When we got home from the tailgate party, we didn't want to stay inside for the rest of the day so we decided to use our pass to the local ScienCenter. Alex and I had been before but Alex was not even walking then so it was fun to see him more into the activities. He especially loved playing in the water. He was soaked! He really liked the xylophone. We would take him away from one thing in order to continue through the ScienCenter and he would get so angry because he wouldn't realize that something equally awesome was just around the corner.


I mentioned that I won an ice cream maker at the Elder's Quorum Barbecue. Since I won it from the Stones, I invited them over for some delicious homemade raspberry ice cream on Sunday (11/7). It was really nice to visit with them at home instead of having a million other things going on and chasing our kids around, which is normally what happens at church and playgroup. Alex loved playing with Madison (as seen below, he would not get off her lap!).



Iced Tea

I have been taking lots of walks down Memory Lane recently.

I have been pretty good about keeping the Word of Wisdom my whole life. I have never had coffee (I don't even like the smell of it). I definitely have never been tempted by tobacco and, if I were an alcoholic, I'm sure I'd only like those fruity drinks.

Last year, when we went to Niagara Falls with some friends, we went out to lunch at Denny's afterward. Sam initially ordered a flavored lemonade but when he wanted a refill, he asked if he could switch flavors. The waitress said that it would be fine, but since we no longer had our menus, Sam had to choose a different flavor from memory. I said that I thought there was a Strawberry Mango one. Sam got that flavor since he loves mango.

After the waitress brought his drink, he kept commenting on how it tasted kind of funny. After he had finished about half the drink, I tried some. Immediately I knew it wasn't right. I said, "Are you sure this isn't tea?!" There was some embarrassed laughing and he asked for a new drink.

That is how both Sam and I drank tea for the first (and hopefully last) time. It was disgusting.

Owen, Kurt, Mel, Lucy, Sam, Alex, and Emily


The Game Show

One of my favorite memories from growing up is how many road trips my family went on. We visited so many amazing places and made great memories. There were definitely fights but it was still awesome.

My dad took out the last bench of our 15 passenger van and installed a bed. That way we could sleep while he was driving (super safe, right?) and also we did not have to get as many motel rooms each night, since some of us would be sleeping in the van. Under the bed, there was space for bins. Those bins held food. My parents were such good planners that they even brought cereal and paper bowls and plastic spoons. So in the mornings, my mom would go get a half gallon of milk and we wouldn't have to go out to eat for every meal. This probably also contributed to me being so small though. I have always hated sandwiches. We had a mini fridge that plugged into the cigarette lighter so we were able to keep sandwich products fresh. It was at lunch time that I definitely wished my parents weren't such good planners.

When I posted the 100 things I want to do in my life (a list that isn't even done being written), I said that I had already been on a game show (and won!) and a few people asked for more details. One on of my family's road trips, we went to Branson, Missouri. This is my very favorite family vacation that I can remember. It was a week packed full of amazing shows. The only downside of the week was all of the chigger bites I got.

The pictures are from my scrapbook and this is what I wrote in my scrapbook:
All the names of people in the audience were put in a container (one pair of names from each family). Mom and I were chosen. After having to blow up balloons and pop them by sitting on them, answer questions about each other, throw rubber chickens through holes, and answer the most random questions, Mom and I won! We won tickets for the whole family to Kirby VanBurch's Magic Show, Go-Kart rides, and the Hughes Brothers concert. We had a blast and it was one of my favorite shows in Branson.
I only remember one of the questions we were asked on The Family Trap. I was taken backstage while my mom answered questions about me. When I came back out, they asked me the same questions and I had to try to match Mom's answer. They asked me, "What is a food your mom makes that you hate eating." I said, "Eggplant Parmesan." Everyone was shocked that I would come up with such a random food and match the answer my mom had given, too! What can I say? I just really don't like eggplant and I didn't keep my opinion quiet.

There was another show in Branson where my dad got taken up on stage and one of the performers planted a kiss on his cheek. He was bright red! We saw ridiculously talented Chinese acrobats at another show. I hope to take my kids back to Branson one day because I loved it so much. I had never noticed before, but it is interesting that exactly six years after we went to Branson, Alex was born. August 1st must just be a really good day!


The Mommy Workout

I've been working out a lot recently and I wanted to share my wisdom so that other people will appreciate me and know how much effort I put into getting my smokin' hot bod!

Here is my daily routine:

1. Wrestle one extremely stinky 22 pound weight. 5 reps a day. At the end of this circuit, the weight should be less stinky and weigh only 21 pounds.
2. Squat to pick up 21 pound weight. 602 reps a day. Squat to set down 21 pound weight. 602 reps a day.
3. Five minutes of isometric (applying a force to a resistant object) getting-dressed sessions each morning and night.
4. Sprints. Always done unexpectedly and usually to keep the weight out of the road, off the table, or away from the oven door.
5. Catch things before being hit in the face by them. Unknown number of reps at unexpected times.
6. Do hair while in a lunge position, with foot on top of the toilet lid, so that the weight does not go splashing in the water.
7. Vacuum the apartment. One or two reps a day, depending on the hyper activity level of the weight. The weight will try to climb onto the vacuum during this entire set or the weight will follow you around and stand exactly where you plan to vacuum next.
8. Bend over to pick up food off the floor. 5 sets of 30 reps a day.
9. Dance around to awesome music and teach the weight how to be cool like Mommy. Repeat as necessary.
10. Flex the orbicularis oris muscle. Repeat as many times as possible each day.

This is why sleep is so precious! I spend my whole day at the gym. Now I get to look forward to working with an even heavier weight so my muscles can get even bigger and sexier. Ooh la la.


Phone call.

Today was a pretty good day (except that Sam is out of town again). Not really anything special happened. But after putting Alex to sleep, my sister texted me and told me to call her when I was free. We didn't really even talk about anything important and yet the phone call lasted for more than two hours. I feel rejuvenated. The conversation was so random: from jobs, to kids, to cleaning, to church. It was so nice to talk to someone and not have to act like everything in my life is perfect. I guess that's what sisters are for. I am having a wonderful night now. I look forward to being a more patient mother tomorrow. Thanks, Michelle. I love you!



Five Reasons to Smile

Alex has started doing some pretty cute things. He really knows how to make us laugh. Sometimes I rewatch these videos just because I want to smile.

He has started spinning. I think it is a great way for him to get out some energy, as long as he doesn't spin near furniture.

Alex is the most adorable tap dancer. He especially likes to dance when he has shoes on or when he is standing on something that will make a good noise.

This video doesn't fully capture it, but Alex will surf while in the shopping cart.

Alex signs all the time but he uses MORE and FOOD for the same thing. We like to tease him when he signs MORE and ask, "More what? You haven't even been eating anything!" He just signs MORE with more emphasis after that.

Alex hides behind the refrigerator and peeks his head out. It is precious because he bends his body in half to lean out. It cracks us up.


Quadruple Elevens

We celebrated 11/11 11:11 again. This time we celebrated at 11:11am because Sam was about to leave to southern New York for an interview. Alex hated the sparkling cider. He kept coming back for more and then being appalled by the taste of it. He is so funny. I think we'll keep him.


I made sure to celebrate at 11:11pm as well and send Sam a picture to let him know that he was missing out!


This was such a random tradition my roommate educated me about a few years ago. I am so glad we have continued it!


Picture Phone Vomit

It is ridiculously hard for me to get pictures from my phone to the computer so usually I don't do it. But Sam is out of town so I found some extra time on my hands. These pictures are from any time between the beginning of September and now. I am only including the ones of Alex because he is the cutest. We also love to narrate Alex's thoughts so the captions in quotes are what he is thinking (according to Mommy).

 That bite may have been a little big.

 If you have to close your eyes to open your mouth, slow down.

A new favorite picture.

Daddy's Jazz fan.

"Oooh, oooh! Pick me, ooh, me!"

"I know I'm dirty, but do I go in the lights or the darks?"

Back in the pacifier days. Mommy misses those days.

Pretzels, see the belly, meet the belly!

"I'm too sexy for my shirt."


Cheesy smile!

Alex loves this pink Jeep!

Eating at church. Of course he decides he's starving each Sunday.

"I'm only making this face because Mommy looks like a kook."

He always finds Sam's hats and tries them on.
He is so soft with books now and rarely bends the pages!

"I am the king of this bin lid!"

Alex's first attempt at climbing up to the window.

Getting closer!
Another favorite picture.

"Where is my food?! Why is this tray empty?"
Our living room at the end of a normal day.
Before he learned he could get all the way onto the window sill.

He climbs into this car without using the door. Hilarious.

Riding in style.

After he fell and got a fat lip.

"It's cold and someone stuck me in a pile of leaves."

"Hey! I'm relaxing here and eating my pretzels!"

Looking out the window is such hard work.


There are some girls in our complex who always want to play with Alex.
He wasn't interested in playing this day. He came inside and closed the door.
They kept trying to get him to go back out.
Alex brought me a bag of screws and signed "Food."
I tried to tell him that they weren't food but he insisted.
So I opened the bag and let him bite one.
I don't think he'll want to eat any more screws.

Alex is especially cute while eating. Only proceed past this point if you don't mind seeing a food-plastered face and ABC food.

 Always taking pictures at meal time.

Time to eat!

 How he ensures it all gets in his mouth.

"Feeding myself is tiring!"

"Try to guess how much made it into my stomach."

Whoa. That was a lot of food.

"Hungry, Mommy?"

Mmmm, English muffins!

He is getting so much better at feeding himself with a spoon.

I made french fries and he licked the ketchup straight out of the bowl!

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