Five Reasons to Smile

Alex has started doing some pretty cute things. He really knows how to make us laugh. Sometimes I rewatch these videos just because I want to smile.

He has started spinning. I think it is a great way for him to get out some energy, as long as he doesn't spin near furniture.

Alex is the most adorable tap dancer. He especially likes to dance when he has shoes on or when he is standing on something that will make a good noise.

This video doesn't fully capture it, but Alex will surf while in the shopping cart.

Alex signs all the time but he uses MORE and FOOD for the same thing. We like to tease him when he signs MORE and ask, "More what? You haven't even been eating anything!" He just signs MORE with more emphasis after that.

Alex hides behind the refrigerator and peeks his head out. It is precious because he bends his body in half to lean out. It cracks us up.


Buck and Whitni Watkins said...

This makes me very happy. you are such a good mom

Rachael and Jeff Downs said...

Too cute! I can't believe Alex can sign! You ARE a GREAT mom!!

The Paxton Family said...

ha! you're right, i did smile, at least 5 times ;-)
Seriously your son is adorable! makayla also signed more and food for the same thing! and she still does!
i had to comment from my phone because we didn't have internet on the computer for a while and jordan wouldn't let me play with his ipad because HE was always on it ;-)

Camille Elise said...

Girl. Those are DEFINITELY reasons to smile! They made me chuckle real good! And to answer your question forever ago...no. I haven't tried the Italian cream soda yet...soon though. REAL soon!!!

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