I have very mixed feelings about my freckles. There are times when I think they are cute and other times when I want to plaster my face with foundation so that you can't see them. I know that would look terrible, but as long as the freckles are covered then I would be happy.

Freckles add character, I guess. But part of that character is that I look really young. Most people guess that I am around 16. I have been getting that same guess since I was about 16! It is ridiculous! Freckles remind me of my family. And of Arizona. For those reasons, I love them. I just do not feel like freckles are a mature look. Sometimes I just want to look like the 22-year-old mom I am. I want people to know that I am Alex's mom and not his sister or nanny (people have guessed both of those). A good thing about them is that they help disguise acne. Or do I just look like I have a lot of acne all the time?

Emily and Sam, 2008

When I was swimming every day, my freckles looked much better. I know that more freckles appeared because of all of the time I was spending in the sun, but I was also much tanner and so they didn't seem as bad. Now I am whitewhitewhite and the freckles are taking over my face.

I have a really cute friend who has lots of freckles. She owns them, too. We have been friends forever and ever. Maybe the freckles help bond us. That made sense in my head...

Whitni and Emily, 2006

One day I am sure I will love that I look so young. But with Sam looking so old all the time, it sure would be nice if that gap could be narrowed a little bit. For now (and probably forever), I am the frizzy-haired, freckle-faced, extremely dorky, younger-looking wife and mother. I guess it is kind of cool to have my very own constellation of freckles.


Camille Elise said...

I think you would look older if you gained 20 or more pounds. I mean, I'm definitely not condoning (sp?) it but...I'm just saying...you look so petite and I think that's what helps make you look younger. :) And your freckles are cute and unique to you.

Buck and Whitni Watkins said...

:-) I love that we have the exact same mixed feelings about freckles. I get called young all the time, one time when I cute my hair SUPER short and we went out to lunch or something I was in a tshirt and shorts and they offered me the kids menu, mind you I was MARRIED by then. I guess when we are old we will be happy we look young right?

Katie said...

You look great with freckles! And when you're 40, and still looking 20) it will be wonderful. At least that's what everyone tells me....

Rachel said...

I love freckles. When I was little my best friend had freckles and I was so jealous of her! haha. You can "own" your freckles too. They look great on you!

Noelle @ Mesa AZ Photography said...

I know the feeling. I don't have as many as you, but I have the "you look too young to be doing X" problem all the time. Even yesterday someone told me she thought I looked 12 until I stood up with my pregnant belly. Most of the time I get 15 as a guess.

I feel like when I got rid of the braces that people should have stopped guessing anything under 18, but I must be the only one who thinks that.

I hope to appreciate it when I am 40 like everyone keeps telling me. But right now it is only frustrating.

I promise you look great and I will never ask if you are a youngin.

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