Iced Tea

I have been taking lots of walks down Memory Lane recently.

I have been pretty good about keeping the Word of Wisdom my whole life. I have never had coffee (I don't even like the smell of it). I definitely have never been tempted by tobacco and, if I were an alcoholic, I'm sure I'd only like those fruity drinks.

Last year, when we went to Niagara Falls with some friends, we went out to lunch at Denny's afterward. Sam initially ordered a flavored lemonade but when he wanted a refill, he asked if he could switch flavors. The waitress said that it would be fine, but since we no longer had our menus, Sam had to choose a different flavor from memory. I said that I thought there was a Strawberry Mango one. Sam got that flavor since he loves mango.

After the waitress brought his drink, he kept commenting on how it tasted kind of funny. After he had finished about half the drink, I tried some. Immediately I knew it wasn't right. I said, "Are you sure this isn't tea?!" There was some embarrassed laughing and he asked for a new drink.

That is how both Sam and I drank tea for the first (and hopefully last) time. It was disgusting.

Owen, Kurt, Mel, Lucy, Sam, Alex, and Emily


Buck and Whitni Watkins said...

So FUNNY! Can you believe how much Alex has grown!? Holee Molee!

Bryan and Ellie said...

I just watched all your videos of Alex with Andrew and Stephen on my lap. They laughed hysterically at all of them and asked to see them all again. I can't wait to see them play together next week!

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