Bills, Wings, and Falls

We went to Buffalo with some church/school friends this weekend. They went to high school with a player on the Buffalo Bills and they hooked us up! The player's name is Kirk Chambers and he gave us a tour of the stadium, team headquarters, and practice field. Sam and Alex also got to see the locker room but that was "for men only."
First walking onto the field.

Sam was happy. Alex was meh.

We had a professional football player take our family picture.

Sam learning the plays for the next game.

Inside the Bills team headquarters.

Ralph Wilson Stadium

Anchor Bar (where Buffalo wings were invented)

They were delicious.

In the hotel Alex went on Sam's shoulders for the first time!

Alex was pretty cooperative on the drive to Niagara Falls.

My family went to Niagara Falls in 1996. We spent most of our time on the Canadian side though. This time we stayed on the U.S. side the whole time.

We got a little sunburned.

Above the Falls

The Canadians have a better view though.


It looks like I am standing on the water.

Hey, Alex! This isn't a mug shot!

Sam held Alex and then I pulled the poncho over both of them.

They don't look as high from the bottom.

I didn't get as wet as I was expecting.

There are rocks at the bottom! How do people survive going over in barrels?

The Johnsons and the Merkleys

When we got home we finally finished unpacking Alex's room.

We aren't allowed to put holes in the wall so we have to use hooks.


Noelle said...

Dude. I was totally on your blog right as this appeared, wow. Also, I like how you got the rainbow in one photo of the Falls. Happy.

And you should tell your apartment people that no hole is the wall is LAME. Just sayin.

Bryan and Ellie said...

Wow! Alex is quite the traveler already. We can't wait to meet him in three weeks!

Janelle said...

I found that if you're hanging something that isn't too heavy, straight pins work great, and the holes aren't visible when they come out.

Brea said...

LOVE this post! first off how freakin cool is that to see pro athletes and be on the field?!?! Second, I have never seen Niagra Falls but I want to go someday! Third, LOVE Alexander on the wall... just precious!

Chris and Tara Andrus said...

Looks like you guys are having quite the adventure out there! I love the cute letters in Alex's room! Great job!

Bridget said...

The falls look so good - it looks like you had better weather than we did when we went. I'm glad to see your blog! Thanks for visiting yesterday.

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