I was born almost 20 years after the Woodstock Festival. Because of this, my only knowledge of it was that a bunch of hippies got together to get high. So close, and yet so far. Sam's sister (also named Emily) informed us that the Woodstock Festival happened in upstate New York. We learned that it was a little over 2 hours away so we decided to go on Friday (9/4/09).
Good policy, I guess.

I basically walked around the exhibit slack jawed. It was quite an amazing event. Don't go trying to get me excommunicated, but it kind of reminded me of the pioneer journey. An estimated 450,000 people traveled across the United States for this concert. The location of the concert was being changed until just a few days before it was scheduled to start because of opposition. They all came together because they had a common beliefs: to end war and enjoy life. Once everyone arrived from their long journeys, they quickly ran out of food, sickness abounded, and the weather ruined a lot of plans. But then the neighbors pulled together and brought peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and nurses donated antibiotics and their time. It was really incredible to learn about. There definitely was a fair amount of LSD but I think that fell into the hippie definition of "enjoying life."

Sam and Alex in the gift shop

"I was gonna go to work, but then I got high..."

The John Lennon/Yoko Ono bed-in gallery

Walking down to the stage

Almost time to go home

I wonder how many 40 year olds there are running around who were "made" in these woods...

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