My baby's name

I figured I should give the background on my baby's name. Alexander Paton Merkley was named after my grandfather (we call him Papa). Papa's name is Alexander McLean Paton Neil. Papa is Scottish (which automatically makes him cool), an amazing golfer, and very intelligent. I really liked the name Alexander and the name Paton and wanted to name two sons those names. Alexander is a strong name and I love the sound of Paton. However, when asking people how they pronounce P-A-T-O-N, they always said, "Patton." I didn't want to do that to my kid. I hate names that people don't know how to pronounce. Hello, people! It is pronounced Pay-tun! So we gave it to him as a middle name. My handsome baby boy Alexander Paton. I love it. Sam loves it. And we really hope our son will love it as well.

Two Alexander Patons

Grandma and Papa Neil


Jeff and Rachael Downs said...

I got it right the first time!! I think it is a very handsome name...lucky you for having awesomely named family members :)

Andi said...

Alexander is a super stong name. He will be a great support and strength to people some day. Especially when you have someone elses name to live up to, it will make him grow. :)

Plus, he has you as a mom! you are so sweet and caring and funny! I dont know sam, but i'm sure that you both will add so much of your greatness to your little boy!

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