Alicia and Jono
Alyssa Lemich
AnnMarie Neil
Anna and Spencer
Brittany and Mike*
Carlee and Riley
Chelsey and Nate
Denae and Malcolm
Ellie and Bryan
Hannah and Ryan
Jennifer Combs*
Justine and Riley
Kayla and Chad
Laura and Matthew*
Marian and Dave
Michelle and Sheldon
Sarah and Michael*
Sarah and Steven*
Shelbey and Flannel
Victoria and Sam 


Alyssa and Mike
Carissa and Tanner
Carrie and Justin
Larissa and Brent*
Maggie and Guy
Nikki and Mike
Olivia and Kevin
Rachel and Brad
Sharla and Jeremie*


April and Jacob
Carolyn and Johnathan
Crystal and Justin
Danika and James
Katie and Scott*
Kristi and Robbie
LeighAnn and Joel
Liz and Louis
Susan and Aaron*
Terri and Matt


Amy and Aaron
Andrea and Brad
Becky and Jake
Becky's cooking
Bridget and Jeremy
Cara and Josh
Caroline and Aaron
Carolyn and Aaron*
Courtney and Eldar*
Erin and Jesse
Jenn and Donald
Jennie and Josh
Jenny and Michael*
Jody and Clint
Jody and Golden
Julie and Sam
Katie and Chris*
Katie and Richard
Kelli and Josh
Kendra and Mike
Kirsten and Britton
Kristen and Nathan
Lauren and Stuart
Linda and Jeremy*
Lindsey and Connor
Mel and Kurt
Melissa and Dave
Melissa and Jonathan
Natalie and Nick
Rachel and Carter
Robin and Josh
Roo and Ryan*
Shari and Jon
Trina and Scott


Alana and Derek
Ali and Andrew 
Amy and Jonny*
Andrea and Chris
Andrea and Jace*
Antonia Mejia
Arlyn Schmuck
Ashley and Joe*
Bailee Brinkerhoff
Bailee and Taylor
Berit and Josh
Brea and Brint
Breanna and Jaymes
Bree and TJ
Brianna Dycus
Brinai and Shawn*
Camille and Jordan
Camille and Kyle
Candi and Kevin
Candida and Armando
Carly and Daniel
Carmen and Dave
Carrie and Greg
Celeste and Casey
Celeste and Jeff
Chelsi and Chris
Colleen and Paul
Courtney Spencer
Danielle DeSantis
Elena and Aaron
Elise Coleman
Elspeth Anderson
Emily and Alex
Erica and Steve
Erin and Terryl
Eve and Tim
Fiona and Nathan
Geneva and John
Haley Mills
Holly and Jeff
Jade and Ryan
Jami and Spencer
Janelle and Jason
Jen and Sam*
Jonna Jackson
Julie Dangerfield
Julie and James
Kami and Steve
Katie and Cale
Katie and John
Kelsey and Justin
Kimberlee and Lance
Kyli Larson
Kylie and Charlie*
Laura and Ken
Laura and Zach
Lauren and Ethan
Lauren and Ted*
Lindsay and Jared*
Lindsey and Tanner
Mallory Stradling
Marilyn and Andrew
Melanie and Nathan
Melanie and Stan
Meredith and Tyler
Mikel and Kris*
Nancy Face
Nikki Buratovich
Noelle and Eric
Perla and Chris
Rachael and Jeff
Rachel and Brian
Rachel and Clifton
Rachel and Jordan
Rhonda Gross
Sara and Jon
Shawnie and Luke
Stephanie and Israel
Sydney and Clay
Tara and Chris
Tessa Burt
Traci and Rhett
Verity and Jake
Whitney and Zach
Whitni Jo and Buck*


 Allison and Sam
Allison and Scott
Amber and Adam
Amber and Steve
Amy and Justin
Angenelle Crossley
Anna and Robbie
Arica and Andrew
Aurora and Jeff
Becky and Blaine*
Brittani and Josh
Brittney and Seth
Casey and Lukas
Catherine and Jason*
Conner Tracy
Courtney and Eric
Danielle and Matt
Emily and Chris
Erin and Justin
Holly and Garrett
Jackie and Jeff
Janet Rogers
Jenny and David
Jessie and Jason
Jessie and Rob*
Jessie and Steve
Kaity and Andrew
Kasey and Garrett*
Katelyn Stone
Kelsie and Garrett
Kevin Tame
Krista and Sam
Kristine and Jordan
Kyle Halbasch
Laura and Russell
Laura and Shane
Maria and Rich
Megan and Claudy*
Mikelle and Nate
Paige and Ben
Rachel and David*
Rachel and Todd
Rebecca and Jeff
Rebecca and Kyle
Sara and Matthew
Sarah and Jonny
Shannon and Jason
Shauna Lewis
Shaylee and Jason
Shelly and Jershon*
Stefanie Ellingson
Stevie and Spencer
Wendy and Dave
Whitney and Mike


Dena and Ben
Hailey and Nathan*
Hannah and Chris
Hillary and Brandon*
Jen and Kevin
Kelly and David
Kendra and Justin
Randi and Aaron*
Rose and DeLorne


Amy and Ryan
Dawnia and Brent
Stormi and Drew


Cena and Jeremy
Eric and Olivia*
Holly and Rob
Naomi and Jordan
Thais and Tyler

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