July Dates

Edison and I were on our way to a park when we saw some girls playing softball. I pulled into the parking lot and we watched a few innings.

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We eventually headed to a school to play on a train that Edison always asks to play on but we can't play there during school hours. Unfortunately, the train has been ripped out now. So sad!

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"I'm going to catch you!" 

When Edison was done playing, we got some Orange Julius and then went home.

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Sam and Alex went jogging and played golf on their date.

Their date ended with frozen yogurt as most good dates do.

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While We Were Gone

Due to the time change, we were often Skyping the boys before they had even eaten lunch. It was strange that my kids lived two weeks of their lives without me. They played, ate, and talked and I did not know any details. I am used to being deeply involved in every single aspect of their lives and it was crazy to receive pictures from my Mom and think, "They didn't mention anything about that while we were talking!" So I do not know exactly when or where the boys did these things, but here are a few of the things they did while Sam and I were gallivanting around Scotland.

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Postcards from Scotland 

Mom's email to David on his mission:
It has been a crazy busy week.  Other than cleaning up lots of throw up and messy blowout diapers, it's been a ton of fun also. 
Monday:  It's now 11:40 pm, and I just finished cleaning up a massive Edison throw-up.  I certainly hope this is not a sign of things to come.  (Little did I know.)  Sheldon and Michelle are still at her hockey game.  Michelle took the 4 older boys to the little pool this afternoon.  Both Edison and Everett pooped in the pool.  They were wearing swim diapers, but still....Declan has been waking up at 6 am like clockwork.  I'm getting tired.
Tuesday:  Up early with 3 boys to meet the piano tuner at The Mesa.  Stop in Alpine on way home to visit.  Brought home a box of G'pa's cherries.  Pitted four-odd quarts of them.  8 pm:  Declan in bed.  Now to read scriptures, brush teeth, say prayers and sing songs with the other two.
Wednesday:  Didn't know the words nap/quiet time could sound so good.  After pitting cherries until very late last night, shortly after 5 this morning I hear, "aahhh, Grandma" coming over the baby monitor.  I go into the boys' room and see Alex sitting up in a cold pile of throw up (not brand new, getting dried and totally stuck on everything) and crying that it was all over his stuffed animal.  Into the bath tub for some major scrubbing.  Clean underwear and shirt and into my bed while I tackle the rest of the mess.  Off come the sheets, pillow case (pillow), mattress pad, blankets, stuffed animals and even the mattress pad that was on another mattress that was leaning against the wall beside his bed.  (At least it protected the wall, and nothing got on the carpet.)  Down to the laundry room to scrub it all out and start the first load.  I was really worried that the red cherry stains wouldn't ever come out, but with lots of scrubbing, Shout, detergent and Oxyclean, it looks pretty good.  Back upstairs to get Declan up.  Alex didn't want to go back to sleep so after a while I took them down to sit on the couch and then have some breakfast while I did dishes and finished cleaning kitchen from last night.  Second load in the washer.  About 8 I figured Edison should be getting up so I opened the bedroom door again and about died of the smell.  At first I thought it was leftover throw up aroma.  No such luck.  Edison had a major blowout on his just washed yesterday sheets.  Into the bath tub for some major scrubbing.  (Do I sound like a broken record??)  Clean clothes for the day.  Off come the sheets, blankets and mattress pad.  Down to the laundry room to scrub out the poop, move the other loads and start the third load.  Breakfast for everyone.  Move laundry, start fourth load.  Change and dress Declan.  Thankfully, Michelle took the 5 boys to the school park for about 20 minutes while I took a shower.  Scrub mattresses with rubbing alcohol.  Move laundry, start fifth load.  Re-make both beds.  Skype with Sam and Emily.  They went to Loch Ness and 3 or 4 castles today.   Some neighborhood hooligan thought it would be fun to egg Emily's car.  Michelle makes lunch while I go outside to scrub the dried egg off the car.  Thought it would be easy so I didn't put my shoes on at first.  No, not easy.  Shoes on (hot pavement) and 3 more trips outside with scrubby and wet paper towels.  Windshield, wipers, hood, fender, tire.  If there's opposition in all things, then the person that did that should be happy for a week.  I tried to keep the kids from poking each other long enough to eat something.  Put Declan and Edison down for a nap.  Move 5th load to the dryer.  Work on reading with Alex.
So...in the early wee hours, Michelle, Declan and I all threw up.  Later in the day, we took the kids to ride the ferris wheel, then to Costco for pizza and ice cream.  We also walked down the street to the lemonade stand in the evening. Everett had diarrhea.
Friday:  Last night, Keaton threw up.  Went to the pool for a while.  For dinner, we all went to the splash pad park by G'ma Hilton's house for a picnic.  Except Sheldon didn't come because he was feeling sick.  I sewed up both sides of the couch arms where the seams had been completely ripped out.  That took almost as long as the church curtain.  I have new respect for people who used to make all their clothes by hand.  Michelle took Alex and Keaton and a blanket to the "movie in the park" to see Planes.
Saturday:  Somehow this day has slipped into the black hole of my memory.  I got to watch a Redbox movie while Michelle and Sheldon got a night out together with no kids.  (That sounds like a punishment or something.  No, I enjoyed it.)
Sunday:  Had a great Relief Society lesson on temple marriage.  Alma 32:23  Jared came over for a delicious dinner, then he and I went to Ogden to see Jerod DeStories.  They had a fireside for all the departing missionaries.  Lots of people were there (more than church) to hear all their testimonies.  John and Jean were there also.  I put some pictures up on Facebook.  Jerod was released right after the fireside and will be showing his folks around for the next few days.  Then I took Jared by Gammy and Grandy's house (where G'ma Hilton grew up), and we stopped to visit with Makenzie and see her house and her cute little Malan.

Week 2 included NO throw-up. Yippee!! We went swimming one day (and I got a no-peel sunburn "X" on my back). Another day we went to the science center.


Scotland, Part 5

On Thursday, I woke up at 11:30am. Our hotel room was so dark with the shades pulled closed and I had no idea that it was so late! I jumped on a bus and headed into Edinburgh. I wanted to spend more time at Greyfriars Kirk. The walking tour I had gone on went through it quickly but we spent most of the time in the cemetery and I wanted a chance to peek into the kirk.

 photo Scotland221_zps36bf30a1.jpg

I was not allowed to take pictures inside the kirk but I saw King James Bibles from 1637 and 1722. I also read more about the Church of Scotland and tiptoed around a group discussion that was going on while I was there. Then I went back out to the cemetery surrounding the building to look at the old gravestones.

 photo Scotland222_zpsbee4d094.jpg

 photo Scotland223_zpsb6864c9e.jpg

 photo Scotland224_zps545437b3.jpg

Then I walked all the way down the Royal Mile and got a pass for a Scottish Parliament tour.

 photo Scotland225_zpsa07e2d88.jpg
Arthur's Seat and the Parliament building

While I was waiting, I walked through the lobby looking at the hundreds of tapestries making up The Great Tapestry of Scotland. It was a history of Scotland presented through tapestry. It was incredible. I could not believe the details and I enjoyed reading the notable history of the country.

 photo Scotland226_zpsbe2f0645.jpg

The first school in Britain for the Deaf and Dumb was founded in 1760 in Edinburgh by Thomas Braidwood. He also pioneered what became British Sign Language. This brought back a lot of memories because I learned the British Sign Alphabet when I traveled to Scotland in 2005. The ASL alphabet can all be signed using one hand but the BSL alphabet requires two hands to create each letter. The five signs on the top are the vowels.

 photo Scotland227_zps593dae39.jpg

The Encyclopaedia Brittanica was established in Edinburgh in the late 1760s. It appeared in 100 weekly installments and "could be pithy. The entry for Woman was four words long, simply reading, 'The female of man.'"

 photo Scotland228_zps955eea3a.jpg

Eventually it was time for the tour. It was really cool to learn about the government. It seemed so accessible. We learned all about the formation of the Scottish Parliament in 1998, the division of policies between Scottish Parliament and those which are kept in Westminster, the electoral system, and the role of MSPs (Members of Scottish Parliament). We saw these handwritten sentences in porcelain. The sentences were written by 100 women around Scotland. Each woman was asked to write about another woman who they felt had made a significant contribution to life, culture, or democracy in Scotland.

 photo Scotland229_zpsbfa654b9.jpg

 photo Scotland230_zps5364d596.jpg

Across the street from the Parliament is the Palace of Holyroodhouse. It is the Queen's official residence in Scotland and is on the opposite end of the Royal Mile from Edinburgh Castle. I didn't have time to go in though. After a long walk back up the hill to the top of the Royal Mile, I got on a bus and headed back to the hotel.

 photo Scotland231_zpsf35f0596.jpg

When I got back to the hotel, Sam was already there. Somehow we ended up jumping on the beds. We are weird.

 photo Scotland232_zpsdce741e0.jpg

We had not eaten dinner in the hotel's restaurant but it sounded really good so we decided to go there. I ordered nacho bites as an appetizer and, I don't know what I expected, but it was not this.

 photo Scotland233_zps1b7be91c.jpg

On Friday morning, Sam only had to go to the training for a few hours.

 photo Scotland251_zpsbfdfbc09.jpg

  photo Scotland252_zpsc40a819c.jpg

 photo Scotland253_zpsd02da491.jpg

I waited in the hotel for him. When he got back, we got on a bus together and went downtown. I ate lunch and then we went to Edinburgh Castle.

 photo Scotland234_zps9ffe2bf4.jpg

 photo Scotland235_zps37e60317.jpg

 photo Scotland236_zpsc81ad382.jpg

 photo Scotland237_zps882d4cf1.jpg

 photo Scotland238_zpsfd23fd85.jpg

 photo Scotland239_zps8e02bcac.jpg

 photo Scotland240_zpsf4791a1b.jpg
Cemetery for soldiers' dogs

 photo Scotland241_zps089ef364.jpg

 photo Scotland242_zpsc837fc35.jpg

When we got to the castle, we learned there was a wedding going on in Saint Margaret's Chapel but they told us the Chapel would be opening soon. We walked around the rest of the castle and the Chapel was the last thing to see so we went over there and waited for the wedding to end. Saint Margaret's Chapel is the oldest surviving building in Edinburgh. It was built in the 12th century. It is tiny and fits about 12 people.

 photo Scotland243_zpsfb665076.jpg

 photo Scotland244_zps89f44d46.jpg

 photo Scotland245_zpsc5184e88.jpg

 photo Scotland246_zps614559f4.jpg

Sam really wanted to buy a kilt in Scotland so we walked down the Royal Mile and went into just about every single shop.

 photo Scotland247_zps65e1e59d.jpg

We spent over an hour getting the perfect fit and tartan for Sam's kilt. He got the whole package: kilt, ghillie shirt, socks, and sporran. I picked out a sweatshirt. It has the Saltire on the back and I love it.

 photo Scotland248_zps9ba48d8f.jpg

We took some pictures of the city on our way back to the hotel.

 photo Scotland249_zpsf24e7525.jpg

 photo Scotland250_zps26dd9e8d.jpg

We went back to the same Chinese takeaway place we had gone to on our first night in Edinburgh. It seemed fitting. We took it back to our hotel room and watched the Commonwealth Games while eating.

 photo Scotland254_zps3f8dcc3b.jpg

We Skyped with the boys, packed our bags, and went to bed early.

 photo Scotland255_zpsa92000c6.jpg

On Saturday morning, our taxi picked us up bright and early and we went to the airport. I could not believe how quickly the two weeks seemed to go.

 photo Scotland256_zps728fb5ef.jpg

 photo Scotland258_zpsb75be6b1.jpg

 photo Scotland257_zps4081ada3.jpg

We had a layover in Philadelphia again. It was not long enough to leave the airport but it was long enough to find an Auntie Anne's and snatch up a soft pretzel. We had hit the Philly food trifecta: water ice, soft pretzels, and cheesesteaks.

 photo Scotland259_zps17db15fd.jpg

We ate dinner at Legal Sea Foods in the airport which gave me flash backs of our trip to Boston. It was good but we were not hungry because we had just eaten pretzels, Jamba Juice, and it was not meal time. We did have thumb wars at the table though and that was awesome.

Sam and I had decided that we needed to stay awake on the last leg to Salt Lake City. It felt like it was 5:30am to us by the time we got back to Michelle's house but it was really only 10:30pm. Everyone was awake and chatty and I was marginally incoherent. We went right to sleep.

On Sunday morning, we repacked our stuff and the boys' stuff. I went through Alex's backpack to make sure he only had his toys in there and none of his cousins'. His bag seemed a little heavy and I discovered that was because he had a pile of coins in it. And $265. We took it in to Michelle and she said, "I thought my money drawer was looking a little empty."

 photo Scotland260_zps712a37ab.jpg

 The boys put on their new shirts we had brought back for them. I used to have a shirt exactly like the one Keaton is wearing. Rachael bought one when she went to Scotland and then I bought one when I went. It was hard to resist buying another one for myself this time.

 photo Scotland261_zpsc85c8d48.jpg

 We were on the road by 9:30am. We had to drive all the way back to Williston in one day so Sam could be to work Monday morning. It made for a very long day. Alex and Edison got presents.

 photo Scotland262_zps8e9d0657.jpg

Declan got an old book.

 photo Scotland263_zpsac88f3c1.jpg

When it got dark, they unwrapped some glow sticks.

 photo Scotland264_zpseadb0ca6.jpg

Sam: You can open a present when it gets dark if you behave.
Edison: I am being have!

 photo Scotland265_zpsd74424b2.jpg

Including the flight, the total cost of our trip to Scotland was $5,055.53. Roughly $500 on food, $210 on gas, $672 on sight-seeing, $827 for accommodations, and $2841 for the flight/car. Those are painful numbers for me to think about. That's less than two months of Williston rent, right? Eesh. There was so much we could have done and seen but I think we did pretty well for ourselves in those two weeks. It was so good to get out of Williston for a while and go where no one knew anything about me except for the things I told them. It is so easy to get caught up in the mompetition and it was glorious to escape that. A lot of people asked if it was hard to come home and my answer was always, "No." We were ready to come back to the United States. The hardest transition was to get back into being a mom. I loved being able to do what I wanted to do when I wanted to do it. But I missed my boys and it was nice to get back to work. We were so blessed to go on this trip. I cannot believe all of the pieces that came together to make the trip as magical as it was. We owe a lot to my parents and sister for making this trip possible. It was a memorable vacation. As Sam wrote to his boss while requesting the time off, "A once in a lifetime opportunity."

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