It is not right to be as far behind as I am right now. I do not think I've been caught up on blogging since before Declan was born. Looking back like this, we have a pretty cool life. Every day is a vacation. We usually get to play away with a few responsibilities sprinkled in. As Alex told me, "Sometimes you have to stop being responsible and let go and be funny. But you won't stop. You just keep being responsible." I am glad I have cute buddies to play with every day! Other people's kids seem to be aging at a normal pace but somehow all of my kids are on the fast track and it is not right! Here is my photo dump of miscellaneous pictures from the last six months.


 photo Misc1_zpsdea0395a.jpg
Comfortable place to watch a show.

 photo Misc2_zps843c8e25.jpg
Hanging out with friends (Tucker, Kyan, Alex, Edison).

 photo Misc3_zps33d3be8d.jpg
The Maras family lives an hour and a half away. I heard them talking after church about how their oldest daughter had to stay for a meeting and they didn't have lunch. So I invited them over and we had a great time getting to know them.

 photo Misc4_zps07a05b77.jpg
I am not looking forward to seeing these temperatures again.

 photo Misc5_zpsaad48b5a.jpg
I made these invitations for Carissa's baby shower and I think they are very cute.

 photo Misc6_zps0c4a67a5.jpg
Edison has a very good "dumb" look.

 photo Misc7_zps774865f2.jpg
Playgroup at the church.

 photo Misc8_zps5598c5aa.jpg
Obstacle course

 photo Misc9_zpscb93a5e3.jpg
Choo-choo train

 photo Misc10_zps3e5b52a8.jpg
Alex asks us if he has bright eyes after he eats carrots. He thinks it means his eyes are shining lights.

 photo Misc11_zpsc553b27e.jpg
We went to a couple of Williston State College hockey games.

 photo Misc12_zps9f93d5b2.jpg
 The boys wanted to take ice skating lessons. This isn't Canada!

 photo Misc13_zps336c5701.jpg
Declan was yelling and slapping the glass. Hockey really gets him fired up.

 photo Misc14_zpsd5950961.jpg
Edison: What is that?
Emily: It's a mop.
Edison: Who gived it to you?
[Maybe I need to mop more often. And clean in general. Good thing I love my kids more than I hate their messes.]

 photo Misc15_zpsa98bb94f.jpg
We love when Daddy comes grocery shopping with us.


 photo Misc20_zpsdc1d4253.jpg
We celebrated Alex's half birthday.

 photo Misc21_zps51be445b.jpg
Our little friend Carter had an amazing Willy Wonka birthday party.

 photo Misc22_zps5b0b2dab.jpg

 photo Misc36_zps0f328a5d.jpg

 photo Misc16_zps5fc40776.jpg
Too cold to camp outside. Camping in the living room while Mommy watched the Winter Olympics.

 photo Misc35_zpsba5c0330.jpg

 photo Misc17_zps515973a3.jpg
The Baptism Preview was just a week and a half after I was called into primary and I had to make and decorate 40 cupcakes.

 photo Misc18_zps99eb3fe4.jpg
Cute seven-year-olds.

 photo Misc19_zps3b8faba0.jpg

 photo Misc23_zps47a1e537.jpg
Edison catching a ride with Alex during playgroup.

 photo Misc24_zps764b11ab.jpg
Sam came to a hockey game with us!

 photo Misc25_zpsaee7dfb0.jpg
On the way out to the parking lot, we lost Alex. Luckily he wasn't too far away. I think it was around twenty degrees. Then we strapped Declan into his carseat with his coat on.

 photo Misc26_zpscb868677.jpg
Edison: What is this?
Emily: A bra.

Edison: I wear this. (Holds it up.) It too big.

 photo Misc27_zps61c6b65c.jpg
Carissa had her baby on 2/11 and named him Harvey!

 photo Misc28_zps976fc571.jpg
I was so happy I got to go meet him in the hospital.

 photo Misc29_zpsd7e53ff5.jpg

 photo Misc30_zps1cbef239.jpg
Everyone was desperate to have a big, warm place to play during the winter so playgroup was really fun. Unfortunately we will not be able to have playgroup at the church next winter.

 photo Misc31_zpsb185a67d.jpg
This in unhealthy.

 photo Misc32_zpse1362a9b.jpg
Edison: If you gay so.
Alex: How many times do I have to tell you?! It's an S not a G! He keeps saying, 'Gay so!'

 photo Misc33_zps1d3c52bf.jpg
We got some donuts to take to our friends.

 photo Misc34_zpsc1bbd819.jpg
Normally when it comes to temperatures, seeing a higher number is a good thing. But that little dash before the number ruins everything!


 photo Misc58_zps60319312.jpg
Alex's friend Kaleb had his birthday party at the bowling alley.

 photo Misc59_zpsadc7cda7.jpg

 photo Misc37_zps5e21c7e7.jpg
Dinner by candlelight just for fun.

 photo Misc38_zpsb499bb9d.jpg
Sam has been doing a lot of running. He works hard during the day, runs fast in the evening, and sleeps well at night. Sometimes he gets confused and "types" on my head while he is falling asleep.

 photo Misc60_zps7bc2d683.jpg
He went to Salt Lake City for a recruiting trip and met his parents for lunch.

 photo Misc39_zps3627ae5a.jpg
We babysat our Short friends for an evening. The kids had so much fun.

 photo Misc40_zpsf998f8b4.jpg
Bubbles! Normally the boys' first order of business is to pee on each other.

 photo Misc43_zpsc673a4a4.jpg
Edison: Mommy, can I have a yogurt?
Emily: Sure. Make sure you sit at the table.
[A few minutes later I came back into the kitchen and saw this.]
Emily: I said you needed to sit at the table.
Edison: I eat yogurt on the table.

 photo Misc44_zps26ab17df.jpg
Fifty degrees!

 photo Misc45_zps1bc49803.jpg
Edison: Mom, can we find a starfish?
Emily: We don't live by the beach.

Edison: Sure, we can drive to the beach.

 photo Misc47_zps6f1f54c1.jpg

 photo Misc50_zps4452fbac.jpg
Both boys call the color yellow "Golden."

 photo Misc51_zpsc0510184.jpg

 photo Misc52_zpsaf6baf0c.jpg

 photo Misc41_zps9c385925.jpg
In early March we had a warm day (it was in the 40s!) so we headed to the park.

 photo Misc42_zps2544c517.jpg

 photo Misc46_zpsb9076b45.jpg
Sam went to Houston for a training and we realized we were matching while FaceTiming.

 photo Misc48_zps6280a8f3.jpg
We went to the park to fly a kite and ended up sick. Still too cold.

 photo Misc49_zpsb13fac73.jpg
"Mommy, my boogers are bleeding [running]!"

 photo Misc53_zpsf21e2c49.jpg
Edison: Mom! Alex threw that orange ball at...
Alex: No! It's yellow!
Edison: Mom! Alex threw that yellow ball at...
Alex: No! I kicked it!
Edison: Mom! Alex kicked that yellow ball at me!

 photo Misc54_zps9dc1d1bb.jpg
I tried to tell them they didn't need to have their mouths open already but they could not be deterred. They were ready!

 photo Misc55_zps1f7dfd55.jpg
March Madness is madness.

 photo Misc56_zpsacd2d967.jpg
Olivia and I went out to dinner before the General Women's Broadcast.

 photo Misc57_zpsb983daa4.jpg
I was assigned to make a ton of loaves of bread for the primary teachers. I made blueberry yogurt bread with lemon glaze.

 photo Misc61_zps4dd5e187.jpg
We were thrilled to go on regular walks once the snow started melting. 

 photo Misc62_zps47d711b3.jpg
 photo Misc63_zps5501df17.jpg

 photo Misc64_zpse8367d1b.jpg
This is the best hiding place.

 photo Misc65_zps1ee834c7.jpg
Edison loves cars and planes. We have plenty for him to fly and drive around.

 photo Misc66_zps7b73ce91.jpg
My kids make me feel cool.

 photo Misc70_zps00a6cee9.jpg
We made snow cream. Delicious! It brought back so many Ithaca memories.

 photo Misc67_zpsd3a04f29.jpg


  photo Misc68_zps2c1e001c.jpg
Whenever people leave our house, Alex and Edison yell after them,  "Bye, see you later, anytime, goodnight, love you, have a good sleep!"

 photo Misc69_zps1d80f3b3.jpg
Edison got cool boots from his Warnick cousins.

 photo Misc71_zps45aa230e.jpg
Shopping with three kids makes me feel like I can do anything.

 photo Misc79_zpsc4925b7f.jpg
Take your child to work day. The boys took turns working with their Daddy.

 photo Misc72_zps214fd7ba.jpg

 photo Misc73_zps7bc44a85.jpg
Olivia and Harvey at a Dip night at Maggie's house.

 photo Misc74_zps9b9765aa.jpg

 photo Misc75_zps1d12f28a.jpg
Dancing Declan and Dahlia.

 photo Misc76_zpsaae8a9e7.jpg
Alex and Vaughn pretending to be on a train ride.

 photo Misc77_zps182bbea2.jpg
Edison's crayon man.

 photo Misc78_zps6ebb7d75.jpg
Declan is a daredevil.

 photo Misc80_zpsd0d95fbd.jpg
Madisyn and Alexa turned three! We miss them so much!

 photo Misc81_zps23671924.jpg
Haircuts. They hate them so I bribe them with suckers.

 photo Misc82_zps86c253f0.jpg
Declan gets into everything.

 photo Misc83_zps0e941eb5.jpg
Declan is not old enough to be wearing those!

 photo Misc84_zps45835d87.jpg

 photo Misc85_zps01f00a4e.jpg
Alex is such a kind brother.


 photo Misc86_zps3d06a224.jpg
Declan learned how to clap! He seems to be favoring his left hand. Maybe we will have another lefty like Edison.

 photo Misc87_zps0cf47ae8.jpg
Practicing walking

 photo Misc88_zps0c6dcb3b.jpg

 photo Misc89_zpsd42e3053.jpg

 photo Misc90_zps0da37594.jpg
Alex's primary teacher: Alex, why aren't you singing? You are always singing!
Alex: I forgot my voice today.

 photo Misc91_zpsfe9a22ea.jpg
Declan's new favorite hobby is to take toys, books, food, or anything else he can find and throw it down the stairs.

 photo Misc92_zps2c06925c.jpg

 photo Misc93_zps9e3253eb.jpg
That's one way to eat a banana.

 photo Misc94_zps32d5589e.jpg

 photo Misc95_zpsb87aa4f0.jpg

 photo Misc96_zps16fc2b66.jpg
Walks are tiring. For some of us at least.

 photo Misc97_zps292d29ab.jpg
Edison is always opening his eyes underwater while swimming.

 photo Misc98_zps149118a6.jpg
Declan is my little buddy.

 photo Misc99_zps73f4d070.jpg

 photo Misc100_zpsd316a090.jpg

 photo Misc101_zpsecdeef85.jpg
Alex's friend Aiden's birthday party at the ARC.

 photo Misc102_zpsf627cccc.jpg

 photo Misc103_zpsba7bd0d3.jpg

 photo Misc104_zps9379b7e1.jpg
Who's that cute baby?

 photo Misc105_zpse5d9621a.jpg

 photo Misc106_zpsa1d3ca6c.jpg

 photo Misc107_zps4b49bbc7.jpg
Speak softly, carry a big stick. Poke out your brother's eye with it.

 photo Misc108_zps190bb7ad.jpg
Edison has a crush.

 photo Misc109_zps927db594.jpg

 photo Misc110_zps8e7e0678.jpg
Quinoa party.

 photo Misc111_zps82cc4128.jpg
Playing on the trampoline at Jiahs' house while I did some visiting teaching.

 photo Misc112_zps727c68eb.jpg

 photo Misc113_zpsa090555c.jpg

 photo Misc114_zps51cd499b.jpg
Edison got a bubble machine for his birthday and they all love it!

 photo Misc115_zpsb3c11d4d.jpg

 photo Misc116_zps96aa1664.jpg

 photo Misc117_zps20e9e5e3.jpg

 photo Misc118_zps7144e657.jpg
Skyping with Jared. I have to be sneaky because he hates when I take his picture.

 photo Misc119_zps4796c519.jpg
Our dishwasher is pretty terrible. Declan is confused about why this guy keeps coming over.

 photo Misc120_zps7c653c0a.jpg

 photo Misc121_zpsa69f7a00.jpg


 photo Misc122_zps2d7e1d72.jpg
Edison has got the golf look down at least. He just needs some technique.

 photo Misc123_zpsd37625df.jpg
Dragon took down the clock.

 photo Misc124_zps2acaa2a7.jpg
He decided he was a little hungry after his bath.

 photo Misc125_zps288a82d1.jpg
I thought I heard Declan awake after his nap. I went in and he was "reading" a book he snagged off of a toy box next to his bed.

 photo Misc126_zps5f7f4708.jpg
Alex found a comfortable seat while waiting for our Bountiful Basket.

 photo Misc127_zps7f4a5cc8.jpg

 photo Misc128_zps4e18445d.jpg

 photo Misc129_zps44e5c26b.jpg

 photo Misc130_zpse3b89d13.jpg
Lifting weights. He is getting some rolls.

 photo Misc131_zps747f88b3.jpg
Bountiful Baskets and a baby.

 photo Misc132_zpsa5b05430.jpg
I caught some kids.

  photo Misc133_zps21766360.jpg
Our little friend Jordan turned one!

  photo Misc134_zps46c2594b.jpg

 photo Misc135_zpsfeb772f1.jpg

 photo Misc136_zps5548f682.jpg
How have I never done this before?!

 photo Misc137_zpsc37c04b9.jpg
We babysat four little kids so their moms could go out to lunch. I can't even remember their names. They are the primary president's grandkids. We had fun making pizzas.

 photo Misc138_zps30158137.jpg
Sam went to Houston for another training.

 photo Misc139_zps09408da4.jpg
Declan's foot got infected and it was huge and gross. It was so swollen that the skin split open. He had a cellulitis and I had to take him to a clinic because our doctor was too busy to see him.

 photo Misc140_zps92f2eb1f.jpg

 photo Misc141_zps43aeb7a0.jpg
I finally made a book of Declan's first year. He saw a kissable baby so he went in for it.

 photo Misc142_zps93c9de3a.jpg
I opened our windows and Alex ran over and said, "Wow! It's been a long time since we've used this!"

 photo Misc143_zps008af8fb.jpg
Three boys and their apples.

 photo Misc144_zps03591fb7.jpg
Elder David. He is still weird.

 photo Misc145_zps2cdca309.jpg
We had to pull the table away from the wall because if we left the chairs pulled out then he would get on the table and I worried he would fall over onto the stairs.

 photo Misc146_zpsa34fa5c9.jpg
I am horrible with yeast.

 photo Misc147_zps39b0926f.jpg
"Take a picture, Mom. This is my real smile."

 photo Misc148_zps91bbfba1.jpg
I cannot remember where I took this picture but my kid has no shoes. Ghetto.

 photo Misc149_zpse8afe18f.jpg
Chocolate covered fortune cookies. I had never made these before I probably should never make them again because I ate too many.

 photo Misc150_zps9f547baa.jpg
Enjoying a beautiful day with the Kohns (Declan, Jett, Edison, Jager).

 photo Misc151_zpsbffad660.jpg
Haven, Alex, Jett

  photo Misc152_zps2285fcd6.jpg
Branson turned one and Anneliese threw an adorable party for him at the park.

 photo Misc153_zpsef696d31.jpg

 photo Misc154_zps347d2115.jpg
We spend too much time on my bed. Where are Edison's pants?

 photo Misc155_zpsde2a3ef8.jpg
Declan unrolled the toilet paper and then walked out. How embarrassing.

 photo Misc156_zps46433404.jpg
They found a chair just their size at the store and had to sit in it.

 photo Misc157_zps86e425b5.jpg
So close, boys.

 photo Misc158_zpse5c45f72.jpg
Out to lunch with the Coltons at Basil. We were seated in the far back corner but Stephanie and I didn't mind at all.

 photo Misc159_zps7cc2753d.jpg
Movie night with Olivia. We talked through the entire movie.

 photo Misc160_zps6bb70575.jpg

 photo Misc161_zps7679248b.jpg

 photo Misc162_zps8ac5a8c2.jpg

 photo Misc163_zps8e71361a.jpg
Sour candy!

 photo Misc164_zps078cf48a.jpg
This was a first!

 photo Misc165_zps5b3f1551.jpg
This was not a first.

 photo Misc166_zps8256fdb3.jpg

 photo Misc167_zps9a74f4ad.jpg

 photo Misc168_zpsfe540acf.jpg
We have been eating dinner in our garage and it is fun but the boys act like it is torture because they just want to be playing with their toys!

 photo Misc169_zpsf500a84c.jpg
 Declan plays at the park all by himself. He is so independent.

 photo Misc170_zpsc68bfcba.jpg
Playing tennis with the Coltons on a rainy day.



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Adore all the photos...except the ones of me! :) Really, though, great post!

Carissa and Tanner said...

Dang it. I had like 30 comments on kid quotes and pics. I can't remember half of them. Fun pictures. So cute. And funny kids!

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