A Month of Halloween

I knew that October was going to be crazy so I tried to make our daily activities as simple as possible. This was our third year doing A Month of Halloween. October is really growing on me. I love that the holiday is the last day of the month. It seems so clean and organized to me. All three boys really got into it this year and it made it even more fun and exciting.

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Halloween costumes are always a challenge for me. Sam and I exchanged these texts one day and then it was decided.

 photo Halloween17_zps6da1fe5b.jpg

However, I had already purchased a black witch hat and a little broom. So then I was freaking out and had four days to put together a new costume. My friend Karen came home from work early and we went all around town looking for a white Bohemian dress. Maybe it was because I was a witch so I noticed more, but it felt like everyone and everyone's kids were dressed as witches this year.

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Karen also did my hair and makeup. She was going crazy about how long my hair was so she pulled out a measuring tape. 27" long after being braided.

 photo Halloween19_zps00871dba.jpg

For the wand, I bought a dowel rod, cut it, painted it silver, and then sprinkled glitter on it. The crown was the hardest part. I lost sleep over trying to figure out how to make it stay. I bought a small child crown, broke off the arches, bent it backwards, glued pieces of popsicle sticks to the inside, painted them silver, and then put tape around them so the icicles would stick. The icicles are Christmas light icicles. I unscrewed them from the strand and then arranged them on the crown.

 photo Halloween20_zps2bfb2919.jpg

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It was the day of the costume party when I realized I had not started Sam's costume. I cut up a cardboard box and painted it. I am not an artist. It was very abstract art. Welcome to Narnia!

 photo Halloween22_zps8f19539e.jpg

My attempt to be Jadis, the White Witch.

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A zombie nurse (Olivia) and the White Witch (Emily)

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We went to Berry Acres, a pumpkin patch in Minot.

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Success! We made it through the corn maze!

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Most of the time I like to stick to Fall activities and avoid the spooky side of Halloween because that doesn't really excite me. But I heard about a haunted corn maze and decided to be adventurous. We put the boys to bed and then a babysitter came over and Sam and I went to the corn maze. It was fuh-reaky.

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We sent a text to our friends to see if they wanted to come over to collect leaves with us and I was thrilled because the Hiatts and Coltons actually came!

 photo Halloween42_zps09f72ec5.jpg
Declan, Jaxon, Edison, Alex, Tucker, Dahlia, Cael

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Made by Olivia! All I had to do was eat it!

Caramel apples are a pain to make and even harder to eat. This worked perfectly for us.

 photo Halloween63_zps56f5b6c5.jpg

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 photo Halloween65_zpse4ba2701.jpg

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I was in charge of decorating for the Ward Harvest Festival. Somehow that turned into me being in charge of the entire thing. I did not eat or even sit down because I was refilling the water or spoons or sour cream the entire night. In high heels. Not my favorite.

 photo Halloween68_zps6f59f3b6.jpg

The kids did some crafts with Stephanie while we decorated.

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There was a line the whole night. We expected 200 people and there were almost double that.

  photo Halloween72_zpsec2d2a0b.jpg

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The Fix Family

 photo Halloween74_zps88987abb.jpg
Cameron, Karen, and Jiahs

The trunk or treat was in a very dark parking lot. Edison got pretty hurt and was crying but still wanted to get candy.

 photo Halloween75_zpsf1772a9f.jpg

 photo Halloween76_zps759122c3.jpg

 photo Halloween77_zpse23f5c5e.jpg
The White Witch and a cracked doll

Kirsten and I spent three hours decorating for the party and then two cleaning it up. We were only in charge of decorating but everyone else bailed. Have I mentioned we threw this party with a budget of $0. Thank goodness Kirsten is really into Halloween and has a ton of decor!

 photo Halloween78_zps1c5ccf35.jpg

My cornbread won second place. I wish I had a chance to eat some of it!

 photo Halloween79_zpsc377a101.jpg

 photo Halloween81_zpsc9ae91d6.jpg

 photo Halloween101_zps13510ee4.jpg

 photo Halloween86_zpsaee5450d.jpg

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 photo Halloween88_zpsebbb6dd1.jpg

 photo Halloween87_zpsd84a9a1b.jpg

 photo Halloween89_zps32fb9d64.jpg

Edison was a horse last year but he wanted to be it again. Fine by me.

 photo Halloween90_zps215abc32.jpg

 photo Halloween91_zpsb539c01e.jpg

 photo Halloween92_zps32be6d77.jpg

 photo Halloween93_zps1ccdcac9.jpg

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 photo Halloween96_zps290d34ec.jpg

 photo Halloween95_zps9bebddc9.jpg
Jello worms

We did not go true trick or treating. It was a very cold night so we only went to the New Hope Wesleyan Church's trunk or treat. I handed a bag of candy to another person who was already handing it out from their trunk and then I went around to my kids. I was sad that I didn't get to go around with them at the ward party because I was busy handing out candy.

 photo Halloween97_zps8bc57776.jpg

 photo Halloween98_zps369cdc7e.jpg

Declan seriously stole the show. Everywhere we went we would hear people say, "Look at that lion." He was too cute.

 photo Halloween99_zpsd305f32c.jpg

I love that my kids still want to be little kids. Alex didn't want to be Batman. He just wanted to be a bat.

 photo Halloween100_zpsf8d166de.jpg

I had all of the Halloween decorations taken down before lunch on Halloween. My house just needed to be thoroughly cleaned. It was a fantastic month making memories with my kids and our friends!

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