Cavities All Around

At our last visit to the dentist to get our teeth cleaned, the dentist found that Alex and Edison each had a small cavity in their molars. So we scheduled another appointment to get those babies fixed up. They were able to get them filled without being numbed which made the whole experience much more enjoyable. The hygienist mentioned how important it is to not share drinks with your kids because they can get cavities if you have cavities. Why have I never heard this before?!

I started feeling like a failure for letting my kids get cavities but instead I am going to focus on how amazing of a mother I am for taking my kids into the dentist before their teeth hurt. So yay. Go me.

 photo Dentist1_zps55218983.jpg

 photo Dentist2_zps2132f192.jpg

 photo Dentist3_zps8c9dea52.jpg

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Olivia said...

I love that photo of Declan! He looks so into that magazine.

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