Fall Break

At one point on this trip, I was heard to say, "Best vacation ever." Considering that we came back from Scotland a few months ago, that was high praise for our fall break. When we were in Utah this summer, I was asking Sam's uncle a lot of questions about his North Dakota ranch. He had invited Sam before but we didn't really know any details. As soon as we got back to Williston after our summer trips, I started looking at the calendar to find a weekend we could go to the Vassar's ranch. We were totally booked until October.

As Fall Break neared, we were all getting super psyched to go. It was full of new things and we were all excited. We left Williston on Wednesday afternoon and got to Rapid City, South Dakota at 10pm. The boys were already asleep so we attempted to transfer them into bed. Then Declan reminded me of something Mushu says on Mulan, "They popped out of the snow. Like daisies!" He was wide awake. Sam went to the gym and he told me he got home at midnight but I can't testify because I was fast asleep.

 photo FallBreak1_zpsa2b2089f.jpg

On Thursday morning, Alex and Edison woke up at 5am. We tried to keep them quiet and eventually went downstairs to eat breakfast at 7am. We were on the road by 8am but had to turn around because I had forgotten my camera and it is practically illegal to go to Mount Rushmore without a camera.

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Edison: Where are we going?
Sam: Mount Rushmore.
Edison: Will there be cats there?
Sam: I don't think so.
Edison: I would say, "Cats, be nice. Don't scratch."

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Back row: Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt, Lincoln. Front row: Merkley, Merkley, Merkley

 photo FallBreak7_zps168ed173.jpg

 photo FallBreak8_zpse9f777b5.jpg

 photo FallBreak9_zpsed30e34d.jpg

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We drove to see the Crazy Horse Memorial and ended up just looking at it from the road and then going to the next place. It seems like it will be really cool so I want to go back and see it when they finish it in about 100 years.

 photo FallBreak11_zpsab7c3014.jpg

While driving through the Black Hills, the boys saw a sight they have been hoping to see for a long time. So many bison!

 photo FallBreak12_zpsdb25b3b7.jpg

We went to Jewel Cave and bought our tickets. We sat in the car and ate snacks as our lunch and then wandered through the visitor's center while waiting for the tour to begin.

 photo FallBreak13_zps2dd35fd6.jpg

We had brought the backpack carrier so Declan could be safely contained but were told only front carriers are allowed. It was a very stressful tour as we attempted to keep three kids from touching the walls or falling off of a cliff. We entered one of the chambers and Edison walked right over to the control panel, flipped a switch, and plunged the entire cave into total darkness. Pitch black, can't-see-your-hand-in-front-of-your-face dark. The tour guide freaked out and then assigned another tourist as a "guard" in every chamber thereafter. It was a painful hour and a half but we all survived. We got back to the car at 2:30pm and Alex asked, "Are we going back to the hotel now or is there more fun?" I answered, "More fun." He enthusiastically replied, "Ugh."

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Our next stop was Custer State Park. Stephanie Colton had highly recommended Sylvan Lake so we went to see it. When we arrived, all three boys were asleep. So we took turns. I walked around alone for about an hour. When I got back to the car, four boys were asleep. I climbed into the car and woke up Sam. Soon thereafter, Alex and Edison woke up so Sam took them on a short walk. 

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     That night, we went to Longhorn Steakhouse for dinner. It was the best restaurant experience we have ever had with three kids. After dinner, we went swimming at our hotel.

 photo FallBreak17_zpsa383fbf2.jpg

The boys had to get in a workout.

 photo FallBreak18_zps7c717ec8.jpg

 photo FallBreak2_zps331c6252.jpg 

Then there was some snuggling and Mater's Tall Tales watching.

 photo FallBreak19_zpsf7097d3d.jpg

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We checked out of the hotel on Friday morning. But we weren't done with Rapid City.

 photo FallBreak21_zpsea7eb91c.jpg

We went to the Dinosaur Park.

 photo FallBreak23_zps0351abf0.jpg

 photo FallBreak24_zpsc5e4bf95.jpg

 photo FallBreak25_zpse8e137e8.jpg

We went to the mall because Edison needed a potty.

 photo FallBreak22_zpsc17e0aa0.jpg

Then we tried to find Memorial Park and the Berlin Wall Memorial. We ended up at a crematorium. Sam and I were cracking up but the kids were not amused that we had to turn around and drive 15 minutes back the other way.

"Rapid City's two wall segments and two tank traps came from the two-mile section between the Brandenburg Gate and Checkpoint Charlie. The four-foot wide sections, 13.5 feet tall and six inches thick, weigh about four tons each. The concrete is laced with one-inch steel reinforcement bars every four inches."

 photo FallBreak26_zpsa59ab44d.jpg

After forcing them to stand by us as we read a bunch of signs about a wall, we finally followed them to the playground across the park so they could play.

 photo FallBreak27_zps0affce29.jpg

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We stopped at a little shop to get Philly cheesesteaks and then started the drive to the Vassar's ranch.

 photo FallBreak30_zpsbc53f461.jpg

 photo FallBreak31_zpsab9c5618.jpg

Their ranch is just outside of Marmarth, ND. We pulled into their ranch and were welcomed by one hundred cows. Alex and Edison woke up right then and were giddy in their seats.

 photo FallBreak32_zps2d762e92.jpg

I was worried about not making it to the ranch until October because I thought it may be freezing cold. I was relieved that it was not freezing cold yet. We ended up being so lucky with the weather. It was perfect and beautiful. Sam and I wondered aloud multiple times, "Why did we wait so long to come out here?"

 photo FallBreak33_zps6ccd9957.jpg

Ruth and John live in Aberdeen, SD, but John goes to the ranch almost every weekend. Ruth comes "as rarely as possible." Ruth had arrived about an hour before us. After visiting with a neighbor who had stopped by to chat, Ruth showed us around.

 photo FallBreak34_zps80c69691.jpg

Then John got there and he pulled out the four wheelers.

 photo FallBreak35_zpsc2c354c3.jpg

 photo FallBreak36_zps2a39325a.jpg

 photo FallBreak37_zps5d1640f7.jpg

We grabbed a bucket of oats and then summoned the horses.

 photo FallBreak38_zpsb00d6b79.jpg

 photo FallBreak39_zps9433ee04.jpg

After riding around for a while, we went back to the ranch house for dinner. Then the boys played with the Vassar's old toys as we got ready for bed.

 photo FallBreak40_zpsc82da43d.jpg

After the young ones were in bed, we played canasta. The boys were a team and the girls were a team. Sam and John were both so intense and Ruth and I killed them. It was awesome.

 photo FallBreak41_zps35251ea2.jpg

The next morning was chilly so we bundled up and headed out for another ride. Declan stayed inside with Ruth.

 photo FallBreak42_zpsbc71c4c9.jpg

 photo FallBreak43_zps2c19006f.jpg

John showed us a turtle pond and we spied a few turtles.

 photo FallBreak44_zps55a94f03.jpg 

 photo FallBreak45_zps3cf509f6.jpg

 photo FallBreak46_zpsa9c8b9db.jpg

John had to go give medicine to his bees and Sam and I really wanted to go so Ruth stayed back with the kids so we could both go.

  photo FallBreak47_zps21573130.jpg

 photo FallBreak48_zps780ccb68.jpg
Alex and his coyote friend

Being surrounded by thousands of bees was a really cool experience. I felt entirely safe but I could feel the buzzing. I could do that all day.

 photo FallBreak49_zps7fbf938b.jpg

 photo FallBreak50_zpsfe72d2f6.jpg

 photo FallBreak51_zps8713d170.jpg

They sent us home with some delicious honey.

 photo FallBreak66_zpsc323cbf4.jpg

John has 12,500 acres of land with his North Dakota and Montana ranches combined. He took us around the Montana ranch a little bit and it was beautiful. John is an anesthesiologist back in Aberdeen but his heart is 100% rancher.

 photo FallBreak52_zpsa557102b.jpg

It took us a long time to make it back to the house because John had to talk to every person we came across. Sam and I both fell asleep while waiting for John to finish a conversation with one neighbor. They don't come across very many people so when they see a neighbor, their conversations are no joke. When we got back to the ranch house, Declan and Edison were still asleep. Alex and Ruth were busy playing KerPlunk.

 photo FallBreak53_zpsc39e6d95.jpg

John had to get some more stuff done before leaving so we went on a family four wheeler ride for an hour or two. I almost flipped over with two kids so we decided to go on a less-hilly ride and instead went out to see the horses.
 photo FallBreak54_zps4f69a699.jpg

John had been sustained as a stake high councilman the week before and was scheduled to speak in church the following day so he had to drive back to Aberdeen at 5:30pm.

 photo FallBreak55_zps5d91d92d.jpg

The horses had gathered around because they thought we had oats so we went back to the grain bin to grab some oats and then rode back out to see the horses. They didn't seem to mind the wait.

 photo FallBreak56_zps83629d4e.jpg

 photo FallBreak57_zps582faef3.jpg

 photo FallBreak59_zpsf00b6690.jpg

Then the boys harassed the prairie dogs.

 photo FallBreak58_zps365e56aa.jpg

We went back to the house for a few minutes.

  photo FallBreak60_zps0e8a06ce.jpg

Then Ruth took us out to dinner in Marmarth. She adamantly refused to let us pay for her meal and I was frustrated because just let us pay! But she ended up paying for all of us instead.

 photo FallBreak61_zps0589a314.jpg

We were all so tired but we had just enough energy to play a few rounds of Rummikub. We were in bed by 9:30pm.

 photo FallBreak62_zps32519dd6.jpg

We had to get on the road really early the next morning so Sam wouldn't miss his flight to Calgary that afternoon. That meant we had to wake up the boys.

 photo FallBreak63_zps7fb86793.jpg
"It's like a sleeping bag but more bisony."
Declan's very favorite part was the deer head mounted above the stairs. He would walk over repeatedly to point and yell at it. 

 photo FallBreak64_zpsd0974ef9.jpg

We had to take a potty break on the way home but made it home in three hours.

 photo FallBreak65_zpsfe3d3794.jpg

This was the first time to South Dakota for Alex, Edison, and Declan. That brings their state tallies up to 40 states (Alex), 21 states (Edison), and five states (Declan). This whole trip left me overwhelmed by our blessings. We have so many incredible experiences and I am grateful for them. Ruth and John were the greatest hosts and it could not have been a better vacation.

*Updated 11/23/14*
Mom emailed me to tell me that I had been to the Dinosaur Park before. When I saw the pictures, I immediately recognized them as I saw them while growing up but did not connect them to the vacation when we visited the Trotters in South Dakota.
I did not realize it before but it was crazy to see that I had been there before and that we put our kids in very familiar poses.

 photo SouthDakota1_zps40cb6e21.jpg

 photo SouthDakota2_zps1daacd17.jpg
Justine, Rachael, Emily, Matthew

 photo SouthDakota3_zpsc6bdbf52.jpg
Emily and Justine

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