March Dates

For our March date, Edison and I left the rest of the boys at home to eat leftovers and we headed out to dinner. He was so cute just chatting my ear off and eating his dinner. Then we went to the store to get a few things for his birthday party.

 photo MarchDates1_zpsefd0a1c3.jpg

It was a pretty awesome date. I even got a goodnight kiss.

 photo MarchDates2_zpsb120aa76.jpg

Alex always wants to watch movies so Sam took him to see Mr. Peabody and Sherman.

 photo MarchDates3_zps8b5fd50e.jpg

Then they got frozen yogurt.

 photo MarchDates4_zpsea083cf3.jpg

Alex lounges like he owns the place.

 photo MarchDates5_zpsb9a53a5a.jpg

These dates have helped improve the boys' behavior. They have strengthened our relationships with each other and I am so glad we get these little dates with our boys each month.



 The Williston Area Recreation Center (ARC) is open! It is a $76 million facility that has been a huge blessing to the area. I took the boys to the opening ceremony and ribbon cutting. I thought it would be quick but it was not. It lasted more than an hour and everyone and their dog spoke. There were a lot of comparison's to Noah's Ark and they also said a prayer. I love that about North Dakota.

 photo ARC1_zpsd97faf72.jpg

The boys ran around on the tennis courts to keep themselves entertained until they let us into the rest of the ARC.

 photo ARC2_zps5bbd4dfe.jpg

When they finally opened the doors, we entered the most gigantic building. It was free and open to everyone for the first weekend. We spent a couple of hours wandering around and it seemed to keep going and going. We checked out the cardio and weight rooms and just those areas are bigger than most gyms.

 photo ARC4_zpsf99307f9.jpg

The boys were so excited about the turf.

 photo ARC5_zps1733d11e.jpg

I got interviewed by a news station and one of Sam's coworkers said he saw me on TV but I was never able to find a clip of it online.

 photo ARC3_zps1bc99086.jpg

 photo ARC6_zps43bf27a0.jpg

 photo ARC7_zpsd814e2a2.jpg

 photo ARC8_zps932093cf.jpg

 photo ARC9_zpse6e8848c.jpg

We went back the next day and took the boys swimming. We got there right when the pool opened and so it was not busy at all. The pool area is pretty amazing. A water park with a kid section, water slides, hot tub, wave simulator, and lazy river. Then there is a 50 meter pool and a separate pool for lessons.

 photo ARC10_zps0bf2181a.jpg

  photo ARC11_zps6ec45c81.jpg

The Olympic gold medalist Katie Ledecky's grandparents are from Williston and so she did the inaugural swim in the 50 meter pool. I walked about a foot away from her as I was going to my seat but I didn't have my camera ready. Declan and I watched her do the first swim.

 photo ARC12_zps8ddeb4d6.jpg

 photo ARC13_zps8d6bd29c.jpg
Swim, fishy.

We got changed out of our suits and then ran around the track a few times. Alex loves running with Sam.

 photo ARC14_zps764ea4da.jpg

We decided not to get a membership right now because it is almost summer and we want to play outside! It is a really nice facility but still cannot compete with playing in the sunshine. We plan to get a membership in the late fall.


WTD Bowling

My very first Williston Toddler Days activity ever was the bowling activity last year. Since then, I joined the committee, the group has drastically changed membership requirements, and now I am taking over the group entirely. It has been a fun ride and I am glad I can contribute to the Williston community in this way. We all love WTD and it has changed my outlook on this little boomtown.

 photo WTDBowling1_zpsf4271239.jpg

 photo WTDBowling2_zps4fba6206.jpg

 photo WTDBowling3_zps4b5b9bfe.jpg

Edison won in the last frame and celebrated in the usual way: by rubbing it in Alex's face.

 photo WTDBowling4_zpsecdd49fb.jpg


Edison's Birthday in Minot

Our birthday celebrations have become a bit formulaic. Go to Minot, lunch, movie, shopping, etc. The boys love it though. They look forward to it, so we couldn't let them down. We loaded up the car and headed to Minot to celebrate Edison's birthday.

Poor Declan always gets cut out of these car pictures because he is still rear-facing.

 photo MinotBirthday1_zps1a43ba99.jpg

We went to Target and Alex picked out a toy for Edison. Edison was very opinionated about what toy Alex was picking.

 photo MinotBirthday2_zpseae04f36.jpg

We went to lunch at Ebeneezer's. I wised up and ordered a plate of Irish fries and nothing else. Amazing.

 photo MinotBirthday3_zps4fec0ec3.jpg

We went to see The Muppets. We were the only ones in the theater so Declan got to climb around and we did not have to worry about him bothering people. The movie was lame and I almost fell asleep.

 photo MinotBirthday4_zps3aa0328d.jpg

After the movie, we walked down to the water park. Last time we went to this water park, I was 37 weeks pregnant with Declan. It was fun to be able to go down the slides this time. I tried taking both Alex and Edison down on my lap at the same time and it was terrifying. The force of their bodies against mine made it so I couldn't sit up and then we started going really fast. After that I only took one kid at a time.

 photo MinotBirthday5_zps4492ac95.jpg

Declan was really whiny in the water at first but then started splashing. This totally changed his opinion of water. He now loves baths and everything to do with water. I am so glad.

 photo MinotBirthday6_zps9f107ed3.jpg

 photo MinotBirthday7_zps3a473468.jpg

We bought the hour pass but they let us stay for an hour and 40 minutes. It was plenty of time and we played hard the whole time.

 photo MinotBirthday8_zps30324297.jpg

Edison ran around pushing buttons on all of the arcade games outside of the water park.

 photo MinotBirthday9_zps1101c398.jpg

Edison wanted pizza for dinner so that is what he got. After dinner, we drove back to Williston.

 photo MinotBirthday10_zps0a9f55b1.jpg

It was a fun birthday. We love our trips to Minot and we love our little three-year-old.


Happy 3rd Birthday, Edison!

 photo Edison_zps00b038a8.jpg

Is it bad to describe a boy as sassy? I cannot think of a better word to describe Edison. He is so full of attitude. Being a parent to Edison is like being a first-time parent. Sometimes I stare at him completely baffled because we are so different and I have no idea what to do with him. Other times I am surprised at how well I understand him because he is too much like me. He does not listen to anything I have to say which makes me think I have a long 15 years ahead of me. If he stays so cuddly and forgiving then I think I will be able to handle it.


Edison's Blue Ombré Party

Blue is Edison's favorite color so I planned a blue party for his third birthday. I got the idea from my sister who threw a purple party for her son since it is his favorite color. I didn't want to worry about getting all the same shade of blue so I decided it would be a blue ombré theme. That way things didn't have to match and I could say it was on purpose!

 photo OmbreParty1_zps134031a1.jpg

I spent way too much time on this cake but I am proud of it.

 photo OmbreParty20_zps45c83cf7.jpg

 photo OmbreParty2_zpsd5418490.jpg

 photo OmbreParty3_zps5fc55c2d.jpg

 photo OmbreParty4_zpsef714a24.jpg

 photo OmbreParty6_zpsfb2c34f7.jpg

 photo OmbreParty7_zps21bad13e.jpg

I made a matching game using the leftover paper scraps from the popcorn cones.

 photo OmbreParty8_zpsc3004ef7.jpg

We played Pin the Blue on the Rainbow.

 photo OmbreParty9_zpscb2de79d.jpg

 photo OmbreParty10_zps9c8ebe0e.jpg

 photo OmbreParty11_zps55747544.jpg

 photo OmbreParty12_zps37778236.jpg

 photo OmbreParty13_zps0c64664d.jpg

All of the kids remembered to wear blue and they were so cute!

 photo OmbreParty14_zps5d112a70.jpg

Edison was very excited about all of the gifts.

 photo OmbreParty15_zps937fc710.jpg

Declan was happy with the leftover wrapping paper.

 photo OmbreParty16_zps9da75322.jpg

We did a prize walk and the kids got to pick a glow bracelet/necklace/whatever once their number was picked.

 photo OmbreParty17_zpscb228f60.jpg

The aftermath.

 photo OmbreParty18_zps606c5ea7.jpg

My three-year-old and me.

 photo OmbreParty19_zps8b3c8880.jpg

Each family got a book and a treat as a party favor.

 photo OmbreParty5_zps2f9e0f00.jpg

Edison got this cool medical kit. He loves listening to the heartbeat of everything.

 photo OmbreParty21_zpsbde45007.jpg

When I finally took down the poof balls the boys had a fabulous time.

 photo OmbreParty22_zpseb79a1b8.jpg

Edison got a cute card from his Neil great-grandparents. It had money in it but he only cared about the dog with the soccer ball.

 photo OmbreParty23_zpsef467e7e.jpg

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