Grocery Store Tour

Williston Toddler Days went on a tour of Cash Wise, a grocery store here in Williston. I figured we would just wander the store and it would be a little boring but it ended up being awesome!

Our first stop was the produce department. The produce manager came out and talked to us about ordering produce, rotating it, what they do when it starts going bad (donate it to farms), and buying from local farms (they do that!). She also handed out apple slices to the kids and my apple lovers were singing her praises.

 photo StoreTour1_zpsd829eafb.jpg

 photo StoreTour2_zps008b508a.jpg

We talked to the butcher and he was friendly and talked about different types of meat. He was having the kids make the sounds of the animals as he pointed to the meat. Very strange.

 photo StoreTour3_zps182acd53.jpg

Our last stop was the bakery. We were expecting them to quickly rush us along but instead they showed us the cakes they were decorating, took us into the back so we could see the ovens, then gave the kids cookies.

 photo StoreTour4_zps9049e330.jpg

 photo StoreTour5_zps34445efd.jpg

I do not usually shop at Cash Wise but the tour was so great and I will definitely go there if I need a cake or advice on cuts of meat. They knew what they were doing and were so friendly.

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