St. Patrick's Day

The boys get so excited about holidays. They get excited about anything that is out of the norm. Whenever I tell Alex something we are doing that day, he gets so excited and says, "Today is a special day!" It makes me want to plan more special days for them. Special days are so fun!

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I started a playgroup at our church a few months ago. The kids needed more space to run around and playing at the park was not an option in the middle of the winter. We plan to move to the park once it warms up. I planned a potluck party for St. Patrick's Day and had the kids do a craft as well.

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Edison glued on the Froot Loops and then pulled them off and ate them. He didn't seem fazed by the glue.

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I made this gift for the people I visit teach, but then I made more for a few friends. I am becoming a fan of gifting non-food gifts.

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The sneaky leprechaun came to our house on St. Patrick's Day and made a mess. He also drew on Alex and Edison's faces! Oooh, that sneaky leprechaun!

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Alex and Edison got themselves dressed. All green. I decided to let it go since it was a special day.

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Alex took pictures of me, too. Hilarious. Where is my head and why is the kitchen chair in all of the pictures?

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We had the Short Family over for dinner that night. I visit teach Sarah and she is so sweet but we didn't know her husband at all. It was a good chance to get to know the whole family. We had a very green dinner. I made leprechaun (shepherd's) pie but accidentally added way too much food coloring to the potatoes.

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We had creamy coconut-lime floats for dessert.

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