Mei's Moments (1 Month)

Weight: 9 pounds, 3 ounces
Length: 21 inches

It has happened again. Three seconds and a few naps later and a month has gone by. Mei is now one month old and as cute as ever. She has gained exactly two pounds during the last month and I cannot believe how much she changes every day. I've said it before and I will say it again; I do not make photogenic babies. She is really adorable but then I take the picture and she looks totally different. I am not making this up! I hold her any time I can. I love her asleep, I love her awake. If I can hold her and kiss her then it is a great time. I am just going to be cliche and say it: Mei is the best baby ever. I don't know if I could exactly call her a happy baby. Although she is rarely sad! Mostly she is very calm. She is too little to be smiling and laughing but she is very easy-going. If she is screaming, it means we messed up badly.

Three days overdue but no one is mad about it.

Birthing babies requires naps.

So suspicious

Amanda Hermis came to meet Mei.

So did Cecily and Emily Christensen!

Her hair is the craziest thing. It is golden.

When she was born I went to count her toes and noticed she has freakishly long feet. They are like paddles.

She can go from wide awake to sound asleep in five seconds.

She is always trying to get her hands in her mouth. It complicates nursing.

She makes other people and things look gigantic.

Sam cannot walk by her without snatching her up. He says, "I don't know how it keeps happening!"

She hangs out with the Young Women during mutual.

I am trying so hard to capture her smile!

Such a happy little sleeper.

We went to the pool but Mommy and Mei had to sit out. Laaame!

Grump faces at the pediatrician's office.

She has some serious forehead scrunching skills.

Everyone wants to be around her!

Whoa, baby. You just ate!

Opening two eyes is too much effort.

Thanks to long weekends and a few working-from-home days, Sam's paternity leave lasted for 12 days. He had only been back to work for three hours when we stopped in to see him.

Edison brought this home from school. Family of six. It's madness.

We eat lunch at school with the boys once or twice a week.

Future valedictorian?

She spends a lot of time with Mommy. According to my breastfeeding app, she nursed 295 times this month for a total of 3,792 minutes.

Edison said, "She's good at making fists."

The umbilical cord stump smelled horrible. I googled "Umbilical cord stump stinks" and the results were basically, "Of course it does, it's rotting flesh." She was reeking badly. I don't know what is worse: the rotting stump or that it fell off at 18 days and I couldn't find it! I was searching frantically because I knew that sick thing would somehow end up in my mouth. I eventually found it in her bath towel. I had not noticed it in there initially because she peed on me when I got her out of the tub and then when I was trying to change she pooped on the towel so it got thrown in the sink. Punk.


Post-bath poof ball.

Beautiful eyes

All of the boys are so sweet with her. I am amazed at how much they love her already.

I am not a bow mom. She wears a headband long enough for me to take a picture and then I pull it off.

Uhh, yeah. This happened. And will from now until the end of time.

She usually looks either suspicious, judgmental, or grumpy. But always cute.

We went to the library and she slept like a homeless person. I almost fell asleep, too. It's so quiet!

Baby stretches are my favorite thing about babies.

She hated every millisecond of the foot and hand prints.

She also hated her first bath at home to remove the ink from her feet. She pooped to end it early. Every other bath has been splendid.

Mei baby is bigger than Declan's baby.

Declan and Mei are going to become best friends.

Daddy changes almost every diaper when he is home. One day, Mei pooped through four diapers in a row. Mommy was crying from laughing so hard.

Three men and a little lady

I wanted them to look tough but they look malnourished.

One monthses of cutenesses.

She is unfazed.

Why do I even bother with clothes? She looks adorable like this!

Want more Mei? She...
...spit up for the first time when she was 10 days old. She very rarely spits up and it usually ends up being only a little bit of drool.
...basically poops every time she gets the hiccups and gets the hiccups every time she poops. She poops a lot. More than any one person should poop. We have joked about calling her Mei Bae since "Bae" means poop in Danish.
...had very hairy ears when she was born but the hair seems to have fallen out now.
...has incredible brothers. At least 20 people have asked me if they are jealous of her. I think they are jealous of whoever is holding her or kissing her because they want to be the ones holding and kissing her. They love her like they have always known her.
...has a heartbeat like a helicopter. It beats so fast and it is amazing to listen to it.
...sleeps heavily. She will try so hard to open her eyes. She scrunches up her forehead to try to pull up the eyelids. Usually just one eye will peek around and then close again.
...nurses once or twice a night. We've already gotten a seven hour stretch!
...sleeps in our room because her room is upstairs and I don't have the energy for that business yet.
...hiccups just as much out of the womb as she did in it (often)!
...can burp in any position. Sometimes she will stop nursing for a few seconds to burp and then go back to it.

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