All Done

It is unbelievably the end of November. That has flown by so quickly. Our vacation is all done. We head home early tomorrow morning. I am already tired and cold thinking of going back to North Dakota. It better not be anything like the drive here.

Lots of crazy kids have been having a blast together. The boys have been wiped out and taking great naps. Today I overheard Sam and Alex talking...
Sam: Are you sure you aren't sleepy?
Alex: I'm rubbing my eyes because I don't want to go to bed.

We gave Michelle a foot massage tonight as a hostess gift. She was amazing. She held everything together so well. It made me laugh when she said, "If I have to do the dishes one more time, you are all going to be uninvited." There have been an awful lot of dishes and messes. We won't all be together again for at least two years.

 photo AllDone1_zps2a9f2d5d.jpg



We went to the Utah Jazz vs. Phoenix Suns game tonight. It was Declan's first professional sporting event. I am pretty sure he contracted the Black Death.

 photo Black1_zps010c2a29.jpg


I am grateful for...

I am grateful for too many things to name. Today, my family wins out. I love these four boys. I feel so blessed.

 photo Grateful1_zps6a2ece3b.jpg

 photo Grateful2_zpsfbfca727.jpg

Happy Thanksgiving!



There are no problems with our car! I took it into the dealership this morning and now it is clean and pretty! The boys were happy to spend the morning (starting at 5:30am) playing.

 photo No1_zps381da4f1.jpg

There are no other pictures of our trip to Hogle Zoo because I am too tired to take them off of my big camera.

 photo No2_zpsb2bbfc36.jpg

We used to go to the Houston Zoo each month and Alex would ask each time to go on the carousel. I always told him no until one day I said, "Next time." Then we found out we were moving and we never went back again. I am glad he finally got his carousel ride!

 photo No3_zps304b3158.jpg

 There was no throw up from Edison all day until he ate too much dinner.
I have nothing bad to say about Flannel's girlfriend, Shelbey. She is a total sweetheart!
I have no good pictures of Sam, Matthew, Flannel, Jared, David, and Adam playing hockey in Michelle's basement.

 photo No4_zpsd2ce8ff5.jpg
I have no more energy.


It is almost 2am in North Dakota. I am so completely exhausted from today. It started out so magical. Alex explained that it was a special day because daddy doesn't have to go to work and we get to go see Keaton. Thirty minutes later Edison threw up. He threw up nine more times in the next 15 hours before we arrived at my sister's house in South Jordan. And Sam got a speeding ticket. I feel like I've been on a boat all day and I am kind of rocking side to side. The pictures will have to be added tomorrow when I'm not on my phone. Today kind of stinks. North Dakota is reminding me to not go outside November-April. I get the message, North Dakota! You don't have to be such a brat about it. Ughhhh.


We wrapped some toys and snacks for the boys to open on the drive. They were thrilled about it.

 photo Message1_zps6d8442f7.jpg

Sleep seemed to bring relief.

 photo Message2_zpsc8d1e02c.jpg

Edison stabilized for a few hours and then decided to give throwing up another try as we pulled into Sam's parents' driveway for a minute. It was nasty.

 photo Message3_zps5e6de14c.jpg



We are full of quirks. For example, we are leaving town in a few hours and yet I am making three loaves of banana bread and pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. Why?!

Alex has a few quirks of his own. One is that he calls clothes "Dressed." I guess he always hears me say that it is time to "get dressed" and then we get clothes. He says, "I need to get my dressed on." Every day. I am not planning to correct him.

 photo Quirky1_zps208cba19.jpg

I tried to take cupcakes to the ladies I visit teach. (Has my whole life become about baking? That is weird considering I prefer cooking over baking.) I tried to find the back way to one lady's house. It was a disaster. I drove in a huge loop around the perimeter of town for over an hour. It was a horrible use of Alex's preschool time. Williston is a quirky place. I need to remember that sometimes dirt roads are the right way.

 photo Quirky2_zpsf1a6efa0.jpg

My hips are quirky. I went to the chiropractor today and learned that my right leg is more than an inch shorter than my left leg because my hip is out of alignment. I feel like a car. He adjusted my back and it is amazing. No more headaches and my back doesn't ache at all! I guess I had gotten used to chronic upper back pain and didn't realize that a person's back is not supposed to always hurt. I need to go to the chiropractor more often.

Declan learned how to get back in a sitting position from his belly. I have been looking forward to this day. Now he won't get stuck on the ground.

 photo Quirky3_zps4a240b8d.jpg

My phone. Oh boy. Siri is definitely quirky. I guess this is what she thought I was saying but I promise I didn't. I said, "Garbage bag." I didn't notice until hours later. Whoops.

 photo Quirky4_zps6749bf59.jpg

Hopefully the roads will be clear and we will make it safely to Utah tomorrow. I am so excited to meet my niece (Makenna) and Flannel's girlfriend (Shelbey) for the first time!


A Word

Alex is growing up so fast. He has started telling us jokes. They are only funny because they are so terrible. Most of them involve dinosaurs, start with "Guess what!" and end with Alex laughing hysterically at himself. He sounds words out, tells us what words start with certain letters, and is always spotting the number four and announcing that he is four! He loves writing letters and numbers. Tonight, he wrote "Noi" and the asked Sam what it said. Sam said, "Noy." So Alex added a "U" before the word and said, "Now does it say, 'Annoy?'" Then he proceeded to write "Pot" over and over on a piece of paper and was very excited about it. Not sure where that word came from. Each O became a wheel. So random and funny!

 photo AWord1_zpsc3f3e738.jpg

I have been bad with Edison. I never worked with him on letters. But, surprise! He knows almost all of them. No idea how that happened. He is picking up on Alex's interest and has also developed an obsession with announcing every letter he sees. That includes the Exit sign which he spotted in the middle of church and did not whisper, "E-X-what's that letter?-T."

Declan is practicing for a "Firefighter: Baby Edition" calendar.

 photo AWord3_zps1d54ba62.jpg

North Dakota winters are cold. We have sworn off shaving.

 photo AWord4_zpsa0e97f2c.jpg

Declan is all about putting small objects in his mouth. This morning it was a bouncy ball. I have been putting them all away but then the boys took them out of the closet! Agh! My kids are unbaby-proofing my house!

 photo AWord6_zps23611b51.jpg

Tonight, Declan found a pumpkin candy Alex brought home from church. He was silently sucking on it and when we took it away he was trying to dive after it. First candy!

 photo AWord2_zps969e6724.jpg

 Choo choo train of crawlers. 

 photo AWord5_zps5e0631e8.jpg

Alex was pretty excited tonight when I pointed out to him that I have four boys just like he is four years old. Four is a pretty good number.



"Simple" isn't really something I do. In general, I tend to complicate things. Some things I don't really care about but if I care, I fixate, and then I overdo. I tweaked my back doing laundry; I am the valedictorian of laundry.

In today's edition of over-the-top, I woke up barely able to move. Declan crawled into the corner of our dresser and I sat there staring at him and calling for Sam. I couldn't bend over and pick him up. After slowly moving around, I got started on the cupcakes. It took five hours. I am glad Kim (RS President) came over to help me package them or it would have taken all day!

 photo Simplicity1_zpsf7f0ed4f.jpg

 photo Simplicity2_zpsfb74a6d5.jpg

The boys have been asking to play outside so Sam took them out today since it was in the 20s.

 photo Simplicity3_zpsc8ed65ad.jpg

They loved it and kept telling him that they weren't cold. But they came in and their little cheeks were so red!

 photo Simplicity4_zps7050471a.jpg

I bought 20 pounds of chicken tonight and, in combination with the freezer meals, our freezer was exploding. I had to use some frozen fruit so I made the biggest smoothie our blender could handle. Edison tipped his cup down his shirt. Better than throw up!

 photo Simplicity5_zpsc1b92205.jpg

Alex usually wants Sam to give him a ride downstairs at bedtime. Edison would rather crawl down headfirst. Tonight, they had a headfirst race while Alex was riding on Sam's back. Declan and I observed the crazy from afar. Silly boys.

 photo Simplicity6_zps2db39d46.jpg



It is pretty common for me to refuse someone's offer to take a picture for me by saying, "I know I was here. I don't need to be in the picture." But I want the boys to know that I was here, that I played with them, and that I looked crazy. I don't always want to be the one behind the camera. Today I made an effort to turn the camera around each time I took a picture.

We went to Williston Toddler Days' Fall craft activity this morning.

 photo Behind1_zps14a0bec7.jpg

 photo Behind2_zps0a5f00ec.jpg

I didn't want to take selfies all day so I handed my camera to Alex. It didn't really work out.

 photo Behind3_zps4e6bdc84.jpg

Edison and I giggled with Declan.

 photo Behind4_zps1d4852c0.jpg

Alex brought home a crazy picture from preschool today.

 photo Behind5_zpse1128d80.jpg

Alex and I had this conversation on the drive home from school...
Alex: The snack at preschool today was all sorts of colored Cheerios!
Emily: Were they Froot Loops?
Alex: Yes! But they didn't have any fruit in them!

Declan has discovered how to pull himself up on the side of his bed and he is trying to do it other places. Time to drop down his mattress.

 photo Behind6_zps8306df10.jpg

Nothing is an obstacle to Declan anymore. Including a person lying on the floor. Declan has also learned how to bear crawl on the hard floor so it doesn't hurt his knees. Quick little boy.

 photo Behind7_zps1fb30d78.jpg

I am going to have to try really hard to not tear into other people for complaining that it is "freezing cold! Brrr." Except they are in Arizona and it is in the 60s and I kind of want to kill them.

I was supposed to make 50 cupcakes tonight but I threw out my back while leaning into the washing machine to get out the clothes. Laundry is dangerous! My back isn't getting any better and I can hardly move. Sam will be gone all morning helping skirt someone's trailer and the cupcakes have to be baked, cooled, and frosted by noon. I hope I feel better in the morning or this is going to be bad.


I Wish I Had This

I am not a big shopper. Mostly I buy things I feel I need. It makes Christmas and birthdays difficult because if I need something then I buy it when I need it. I do have a list of things that I hope to have one day. I really think it would be awesome to have a bike trailer. But then I would also need a bike and now I just feel like I am getting greedy.

 photo Wish4_zpsaccdb894.jpg

I also wish that I were not a hardcore procrastinator. Maybe then I wouldn't have put off selling Alex's raffle tickets until the last day and had to go out in 8°F weather to sell them this afternoon.

 photo Wish1_zps91057876.jpg

I wish I could sleep as well as Sam does.

 photo Wish2_zpsab722212.jpg

I wish my little boys would stay little forever.

 photo Wish3_zps077bc3fc.jpg



Being home with the kids sometimes makes me desperate for communication with adults. I got a lot of that today.

I went to the library with Alyssa this morning. She told me not to look out the window. But I did anyway. I was not happy with what I saw. It is currently -1° feels like -17°.

 photo Communication7_zps00038cf8.jpg

Alyssa is a really thoughtful gift-giver. Last year she remembered that I had mentioned something about my cookie sheets and she got me amazing, nice ones that I use every day. I few months ago she asked me if I had an apple peeler/corer/slicer and I said that I wished I did. So she got me one for my birthday. I love these things!

 photo Communication6_zps2773ef2f.jpg

I hosted Make & Eat Nite tonight. I was having a hard time coming up with an idea of what we should do and then I came back to food, where I always end up. We had a freezer meal exchange. Quite a few people canceled last minute so there were only five of us but it was fun.

 photo Communication1_zpsffc2eba6.jpg

 photo Communication2_zpsc895a284.jpg

I made zuppa toscana and breadsticks. We ate it for dinner last night and it was amazing. I hope everyone else likes it, too.

 photo Communcation3_zpsf41d8188.jpg

There were some delicious dinners exchanged and I am excited to to try them all soon!

 photo Communication4_zpsb3439a17.jpg

 photo Communication5_zps1c94647e.jpg
Olivia, Larissa, Nikki, Maggie, & Emily

 photo Communication8_zps4a268762.jpg
Photo by Nikki

Sam took the boys out to dinner and then put them to bed downstairs. He did a great job of keeping them away from ME Nite to not break the "No kids allowed" rule.

 photo Communication9_zps534b012b.jpg

I got to communicate with my sister on the phone today. I am so excited to see her in six days! I did not communicate with Sam very much today so I should probably get back to that now.


Where I Ate Breakfast

I made banana bread this morning and planned to eat a lot of it so I didn't eat breakfast until during our Relief Society presidency meeting at 10am. I tried to get Alex to take a picture of us and he was aiming the camera all over the place. It was hilarious.

 photo Breakfast1_zps25dd0c14.jpg

Then Edison wanted a turn to take a picture. This one was a total surprise on my camera. I didn't see this happen. Alex has an extremely long tongue!

 photo Breakfast2_zpsa7fe6a3b.jpg

I spent four hours making freezer meals tonight. The kitchen is a disaster. While making breadsticks, Alex and I had this conversation:
Alex: Can I help?
Emily: I'm just adding a little bit.
Alex: But I'm your sous chef. I help.

Dang. I hate when I teach him things and they come back to bite me.
You know those phrases that become somewhat repetitive in prayers? I have one. "Please help me stop being so crazy." No answer to that one yet. Speaking of prayers and things I teach Alex, he is now praying to "God" instead of "Heavenly Father." It is okay but it is sad to me that two months of preschool has undone four years at home.


Documenting Declan (7 Months)

Weight: 18 pounds, 10 ounces
Length: 27 inches

Declan is a total darling. It's as simple as that. He makes everyone happier just by being there. He doesn't have any sign of stranger anxiety. He is curious and vocal. We love Declan baby.

 photo SevenMonths1_zps4df17bd8.jpg
He smiles in response to every smile.

 photo SevenMonths2_zps76f22f67.jpg
Where is the other half?!

 photo SevenMonths3_zpse0f9611b.jpg
His brothers leave plenty of toys on the ground for him.

 photo SevenMonths4_zpscd5d477e.jpg
Squinty eyes.

 photo SevenMonths5_zpsce011e09.jpg
He was quite perplexed by this.

 photo SevenMonths6_zpsc0b16243.jpg
Declan loves "dancing phalanges."

 photo SevenMonths7_zps9227ab9d.jpg
No toy is as cool as my phone. He wants to eat it.

 photo SevenMonths8_zpscf5f2aae.jpg
I don't know how he gets into these situations.

 photo SevenMonths9_zpsf49a5ac6.jpg
Fat guy in little glasses.

 photo SevenMonths10_zps4f019ab2.jpg
So handsome.

 photo SevenMonths11_zps0d2738ac.jpg
Ever since there was an incident, Declan always gets to be the top piece of bread in the sandwich.

 photo SevenMonths12_zpsbf9493c1.jpg
Or maybe I lied. Squuuuuish.

 photo SevenMonths13_zps3bea2811.jpg
"I am judging you right now."

 photo SevenMonths14_zps547876fe.jpg
Just chillin' with some toys.

 photo SevenMonths15_zpse6a75f19.jpg

 photo SevenMonths16_zpsa534dd6c.jpg
Bath time makes him sleepy.

 photo SevenMonths17_zps4667bfdc.jpg
Too many crazy kids were running around. He was worried.

 photo SevenMonths18_zpsb0e79359.jpg
Freedom! No swaddle!

 photo SevenMonths19_zps69e76470.jpg
He has discovered doorstops. So much joy!

 photo SevenMonths20_zpse89d1cb2.jpg
The love handles. So much chunk.

A few more things Declan does for which I do not have a matching picture:
...flips onto his stomach if he isn't swaddled in bed.
...has mastered going from sitting to his tummy without faceplanting.
...loves paper. If he gets his hands on it, I know it is a lost cause. He will not release his grip and I have to pry the crinkled paper away.
...is a ridiculously slow crawler. It doesn't even seem like he has a desire to move most of the time.
...is terribly ticklish on his back and feet.
...has cankles.

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