I took more than 50 pictures today. I know that is a lot less than some people but it is also a lot more than others. I feel like there is so much noise in the world. People talk just to hear themselves. If there is nothing exciting going on, then they can pull out their phones and there is a huge world of things going on. You can follow along with someone's day through social media. It can be overwhelming. I add plenty of noise to the world, too. Sometimes I just want to be anonymous and private so something that is mine can stay mine. Maybe my thoughts should remain thoughts and never have the sound of my voice put to them. I compose my own little world in our home and sometimes it is so sweet to have that kept within the walls: a haven for me and my boys. A rhythm we know and understand and it suits us. The music of our home has dissonance and consonance but we know the melody. We aren't hermits but we might be homebodies.

Declan is becoming very vocal. He squeals and giggles throughout the day. I love hearing his sounds blend into our family.

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Sam left town this afternoon and will be gone for a few days. Alex's eyes watered before naptime as he said, "I miss Daddy." Edison seems to think it is good riddance.

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I take great pride in getting all of the boys to sleep at the same time. I remember learning that music is organized sounds and silence. The quiet moments are music to my ears.

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We finally went grocery shopping today. We didn't need food but we ended up with a lot of that anyway. We went to buy a postcard so we could mail it off to a complete stranger: a cousin of a friend of a friend of a friend. He is trying to collect postcards and wants one from the foreign land that is North Dakota.

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I taught Alex how to fingerspell his name tonight. He did it twice and then said, "Okay. I will remember." And I don't doubt it. He has an incredible memory. I know he will remember the music of our home. I pray it is a good song.

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Janelle said...

I see you're getting your sparkling cider. Is that for New Year's already?

Merkley Jiating said...

Nice, mom. You notice what's in my cart. They are for our 11/11 party.

Geevz said...

And now I want to have an 11/11 party. With 11 people. Who bring 11 appetizers.

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