There are no problems with our car! I took it into the dealership this morning and now it is clean and pretty! The boys were happy to spend the morning (starting at 5:30am) playing.

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There are no other pictures of our trip to Hogle Zoo because I am too tired to take them off of my big camera.

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We used to go to the Houston Zoo each month and Alex would ask each time to go on the carousel. I always told him no until one day I said, "Next time." Then we found out we were moving and we never went back again. I am glad he finally got his carousel ride!

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 There was no throw up from Edison all day until he ate too much dinner.
I have nothing bad to say about Flannel's girlfriend, Shelbey. She is a total sweetheart!
I have no good pictures of Sam, Matthew, Flannel, Jared, David, and Adam playing hockey in Michelle's basement.

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I have no more energy.

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