Documenting Declan (7 Months)

Weight: 18 pounds, 10 ounces
Length: 27 inches

Declan is a total darling. It's as simple as that. He makes everyone happier just by being there. He doesn't have any sign of stranger anxiety. He is curious and vocal. We love Declan baby.

 photo SevenMonths1_zps4df17bd8.jpg
He smiles in response to every smile.

 photo SevenMonths2_zps76f22f67.jpg
Where is the other half?!

 photo SevenMonths3_zpse0f9611b.jpg
His brothers leave plenty of toys on the ground for him.

 photo SevenMonths4_zpscd5d477e.jpg
Squinty eyes.

 photo SevenMonths5_zpsce011e09.jpg
He was quite perplexed by this.

 photo SevenMonths6_zpsc0b16243.jpg
Declan loves "dancing phalanges."

 photo SevenMonths7_zps9227ab9d.jpg
No toy is as cool as my phone. He wants to eat it.

 photo SevenMonths8_zpscf5f2aae.jpg
I don't know how he gets into these situations.

 photo SevenMonths9_zpsf49a5ac6.jpg
Fat guy in little glasses.

 photo SevenMonths10_zps4f019ab2.jpg
So handsome.

 photo SevenMonths11_zps0d2738ac.jpg
Ever since there was an incident, Declan always gets to be the top piece of bread in the sandwich.

 photo SevenMonths12_zpsbf9493c1.jpg
Or maybe I lied. Squuuuuish.

 photo SevenMonths13_zps3bea2811.jpg
"I am judging you right now."

 photo SevenMonths14_zps547876fe.jpg
Just chillin' with some toys.

 photo SevenMonths15_zpse6a75f19.jpg

 photo SevenMonths16_zpsa534dd6c.jpg
Bath time makes him sleepy.

 photo SevenMonths17_zps4667bfdc.jpg
Too many crazy kids were running around. He was worried.

 photo SevenMonths18_zpsb0e79359.jpg
Freedom! No swaddle!

 photo SevenMonths19_zps69e76470.jpg
He has discovered doorstops. So much joy!

 photo SevenMonths20_zpse89d1cb2.jpg
The love handles. So much chunk.

A few more things Declan does for which I do not have a matching picture:
...flips onto his stomach if he isn't swaddled in bed.
...has mastered going from sitting to his tummy without faceplanting.
...loves paper. If he gets his hands on it, I know it is a lost cause. He will not release his grip and I have to pry the crinkled paper away.
...is a ridiculously slow crawler. It doesn't even seem like he has a desire to move most of the time.
...is terribly ticklish on his back and feet.
...has cankles.


Carissa and Tanner said...

I can't stand how cute he is. Like literally. His green pj's are the cutest too. And I just always LOVE all the pictures you capture. I want to be like you.

Janelle said...

Sandwiches are so much fun.

Rachael and Jeff Downs said...

I cannot believe he is already 7 months!! He is the most adorable chunk ever.

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