The boys built a boat and went on an adventure this morning. They warned Sam not to get off of the blanket and go downstairs because that's where the sharks swim.

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Declan's new-found mobility has opened up an entire world to him. He is a stealthy crawler. You don't even notice he is moving until he is screaming with joy as he eats a book two rooms away.

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He doesn't understand anything being mine or his; everything is his! Alex and Edison don't seem to be big fans of Declan getting into their stuff though. As Declan approached the boys and tried to eat the hippo food, Alex pushed him away with his elbow. So sad! New rule: If it's on the ground, you can't say, "That's mine!" Either move it or it will become Declan's snack.

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Janelle said...

Time to put something across the stair opening to thwart that stealthy crawler?

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