We Did This Today

Today was a really relaxed Saturday. I like that because it means I got to sleep in. I got out of bed sometime around 10am. Sam dropped off Alex at the primary program practice and then went to help someone move so I had to get up and do some parenting or something. I picked up Alex at 11:30am and they were playing Duck, Duck, Goose. Edison knew just what to do.

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Sam helped a ward member move for five hours today. I wish more people would have gone to help because it would have taken only a small part of each person's day instead of a lot of a few people's day. Oh well, Sam was glad to do it so extra blessings for him.

I got a huge and heavy package in the mail today! Pomegranates grown with love by my parents and mailed to me. This is a big deal because I don't think my brothers got care packages on their missions so mailing something as frivolous as pomegranates is extra special. Sam made it sound like I am overly obsessed with pomegranates and I tried to argue that I had only had one today. But then I remembered that I ate two-and-a-half and the half was his that I thought he had left on the table but he was planning on coming back and finishing later. It wasn't me? Okay, so maybe I am mildly obsessed, but not overly.

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I want to focus on being more grateful for what I have instead of bemoaning what I don't have. November is a great month to do this so we are starting a grateful tree. We started the leaves yesterday but I didn't make the tree for them until today.

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The boys aren't normally awake when we bathe Declan so they thought it was awesome and filled his tub with their toys.

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We forgot to put Declan in his bed for his evening nap (this kid is so easy that we sometimes forget that he needs anything at all) so he was extra sleepy by bedtime. He wanted to be happy but he really wanted to be sleeping.

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Geevz said...

Hooray for an easy baby! You deserve it! Pomegranates are so fun to eat and I think it is a giant box of love from your parents. That is truly wonderful. I think I want to do a thankful tree this year and I hadn't thought of using the hand prints. I might have to steal it.

Jershelly said...

That's a lot of pomegranates! You're probably a pro at opening/de-seeding them, but if not, I just saw this video about how to do it easily...


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