We are full of quirks. For example, we are leaving town in a few hours and yet I am making three loaves of banana bread and pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. Why?!

Alex has a few quirks of his own. One is that he calls clothes "Dressed." I guess he always hears me say that it is time to "get dressed" and then we get clothes. He says, "I need to get my dressed on." Every day. I am not planning to correct him.

 photo Quirky1_zps208cba19.jpg

I tried to take cupcakes to the ladies I visit teach. (Has my whole life become about baking? That is weird considering I prefer cooking over baking.) I tried to find the back way to one lady's house. It was a disaster. I drove in a huge loop around the perimeter of town for over an hour. It was a horrible use of Alex's preschool time. Williston is a quirky place. I need to remember that sometimes dirt roads are the right way.

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My hips are quirky. I went to the chiropractor today and learned that my right leg is more than an inch shorter than my left leg because my hip is out of alignment. I feel like a car. He adjusted my back and it is amazing. No more headaches and my back doesn't ache at all! I guess I had gotten used to chronic upper back pain and didn't realize that a person's back is not supposed to always hurt. I need to go to the chiropractor more often.

Declan learned how to get back in a sitting position from his belly. I have been looking forward to this day. Now he won't get stuck on the ground.

 photo Quirky3_zps4a240b8d.jpg

My phone. Oh boy. Siri is definitely quirky. I guess this is what she thought I was saying but I promise I didn't. I said, "Garbage bag." I didn't notice until hours later. Whoops.

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Hopefully the roads will be clear and we will make it safely to Utah tomorrow. I am so excited to meet my niece (Makenna) and Flannel's girlfriend (Shelbey) for the first time!


Olivia said...

I like your list ;) Sorry you got lost!

Holly Decker said...

Love this post and love you!

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