Alex was in his very first primary program today. I was in tears but not for the usual reasons. I was laughing so hard that I started crying. Alex was hysterical. When the kids first went up on the stand, Alex was waving at us over and over. He got to speak right at the beginning and said his line, "My name is Alex. I like to be nice to my brothers. But most importantly, I am a child of God." He has been practicing that line and it seemed like he said something new each time: "I like to eat apples," "I am a ninja," "I do gymnastics," "I like to watch Batman." When the time came, he just said the line that his teacher fed him. Every time they stood up for a song, he stood right over the wall and made sure his tie hung over it. The sunbeams sang a group song at the beginning and they put a microphone in front of class. For the next couple of songs before the microphone was taken to a different class, Alex would position himself right in front of it and sing. Not even the right words all the time. It was so adorable though and I was sad when they took away the microphone. His voice is so sweet and precious.

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Declan loves sitting on my lap and reading books. It was cracking me up during church because he was squealing and swatting at the Hymn book. We had to recreate it at home. Looking at the back of his head as he dances around it so cute to me.

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I found out last night that the Relief Society teacher was sick and might be too sick to get to church. Then this morning she told me that she definitely would not be making it. I taught the lesson last week and was freaking out that I would have to teach again. It ended up being less terrible than I expected but still bad. I am not a public speaker. I cannot form complete thoughts in front of large groups of people. I suspected that being the counselor over education would end up leaving me stuck teaching unexpectedly but I hoped it wouldn't ever happen. I hope it doesn't happen again for a long, long time! I spent the whole morning preparing a lesson instead of hanging out with my family. Not my idea of an awesome Sunday morning. Hopefully people gleaned something from my rambling. I know I learned something from the preparation and the comments.

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Olivia said...

The lesson was great! You are a much better teacher than you seem to think you are :)

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