It's no secret that I love eating. I spend most of my time either eating, thinking about eating, or trying to make the boys eat. We have another little eater in the house now. He doesn't discriminate between things very well and if it fits in his mouth, it is food. That means paper, tiny toys, or anything else he can find on the ground. Today, he ate a shoe. Only for a few seconds and then I took it away. Too yucky.

 photo IMG_9608_zps010ce025.jpg

At dinner, he scooched himself right under Edison's highchair. Like a doggy waiting for a stray treat. (I helped him sit up. He can't get himself sitting yet.)

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Something bad happened today. I was just sitting on the floor minding my own business and I had the feeling that I wanted another baby. What?! That was a crazy thought. It was weird that the feeling just washed over me without consulting my brain. I still have a baby! No more North Dakota babies allowed, thank you very much. Babies sure are sneaky little creatures.

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Olivia said...

What is it about babies that always make us want more babies?? I was feeling the same way just a few nights ago...

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