I Wish I Had This

I am not a big shopper. Mostly I buy things I feel I need. It makes Christmas and birthdays difficult because if I need something then I buy it when I need it. I do have a list of things that I hope to have one day. I really think it would be awesome to have a bike trailer. But then I would also need a bike and now I just feel like I am getting greedy.

 photo Wish4_zpsaccdb894.jpg

I also wish that I were not a hardcore procrastinator. Maybe then I wouldn't have put off selling Alex's raffle tickets until the last day and had to go out in 8°F weather to sell them this afternoon.

 photo Wish1_zps91057876.jpg

I wish I could sleep as well as Sam does.

 photo Wish2_zpsab722212.jpg

I wish my little boys would stay little forever.

 photo Wish3_zps077bc3fc.jpg

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Holly Decker said...

I just asked for a bike trailer for my birthday! Yay we are twins!

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