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Alex is growing up so fast. He has started telling us jokes. They are only funny because they are so terrible. Most of them involve dinosaurs, start with "Guess what!" and end with Alex laughing hysterically at himself. He sounds words out, tells us what words start with certain letters, and is always spotting the number four and announcing that he is four! He loves writing letters and numbers. Tonight, he wrote "Noi" and the asked Sam what it said. Sam said, "Noy." So Alex added a "U" before the word and said, "Now does it say, 'Annoy?'" Then he proceeded to write "Pot" over and over on a piece of paper and was very excited about it. Not sure where that word came from. Each O became a wheel. So random and funny!

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I have been bad with Edison. I never worked with him on letters. But, surprise! He knows almost all of them. No idea how that happened. He is picking up on Alex's interest and has also developed an obsession with announcing every letter he sees. That includes the Exit sign which he spotted in the middle of church and did not whisper, "E-X-what's that letter?-T."

Declan is practicing for a "Firefighter: Baby Edition" calendar.

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North Dakota winters are cold. We have sworn off shaving.

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Declan is all about putting small objects in his mouth. This morning it was a bouncy ball. I have been putting them all away but then the boys took them out of the closet! Agh! My kids are unbaby-proofing my house!

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Tonight, Declan found a pumpkin candy Alex brought home from church. He was silently sucking on it and when we took it away he was trying to dive after it. First candy!

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 Choo choo train of crawlers. 

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Alex was pretty excited tonight when I pointed out to him that I have four boys just like he is four years old. Four is a pretty good number.

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Noelle @ Mesa AZ Photography said...

Baby Declan is so FAT! I love it. Such cute kids.

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