A Memory

This morning, Madisyn and Alexa came over to play while we were still in our pajamas. It was planned, I was just running a little late. The boys quickly got dressed and played away the morning while Alyssa and I chatted. She had to leave for a little and the girls got to stay and play. Alyssa came back and then Sam came home from work for a few minutes so we could have our one minute party to celebrate 11/11 11:11am. I think about my kids almost every minute of every day. I want them to have good memories from growing up and I feel like a good way to foster good memories is to have traditions. This is one of those traditions that is so weird and I am not even sure why we do it, but we do. And I kind of love it.

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The Althoffs stayed for lunch and then Alyssa hung out with Edison and Declan while I ran Alex to preschool. After that, the Jordans came over so Maggie and I could workout. We need to have more play dates with all of these kids together! The Althoffs had to go home for naps and Edison was glad that the Jordans came over so he didn't have to take a nap yet.

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While we were working out, the kids decided they were sick of playing and sat on the couch with our phones. But they all sat on one cushion. It was so funny.

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After preschool, we went to our friend Kim's house to make cards to send to service men. It was a good way to talk to the boys about Veterans Day and Alex kept asking if we could go put the cards in the soldiers' mailboxes.

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Maggie offered to watch the boys while I went grocery shopping so I took her up on her offer two-thirds of the way. Declan and I had a grocery shopping date. It was a good thing I didn't have all of the boys because the store was a wreck. Declan was not amused.

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During Family Home Evening tonight, Declan and Sam were adoring each other.

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We got to have another one minute party at 11/11 11:11pm. 

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I don't think the boys will just have good memories of the traditions. I think they will also look back fondly on our day to day lives. We have a pretty great life. I am glad I get to pass the time with my three amigos.

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Geevz said...

I love the one minute party! So much fun!

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