Part of Me

Part of me didn't want to get out of bed this morning but there were three ravenous boys waiting for me.

Part of me wished my kids were being babysat instead of me being the one babysitting but the hours flew by and the boys loved playing with the cutest twin girls we know.

Part of me didn't want to work out. The other part didn't either. But I still did it.

 photo IMG_9569_zps936296f3.jpg

Part of me thought that keeping the boys up for an hour and a half past naptime was a bad idea. It ended up being brilliant because they slept until 4:30pm which made this evening (usually the hardest part of the day for me) so much easier to handle.

Part of me wanted to turn on a movie after naps but it was such a warm day (in the 50s!) so we headed out.

 photo IMG_9570_zps35ecc2dd.jpg

Part of me decided to be an overachiever and bathe all of the boys. That part of me is no where in sight because she got washed away by the flood of water on the bathroom floor.

 photo IMG_9571_zpsc8963603.jpg

Part of me wanted to go out to dinner just like Sam was doing in Denver. The cheap part of me won that battle.

Part of me wanted to help Declan out and hand him the sippy cup, but the other part was too busy laughing at his squawking and flailing.

 photo IMG_9572_zps998a0a2b.jpg

I don't think I have dissociative identity disorder. I do occasionally talk to myself or make faces to myself in the mirror but that is just because all parts of me are weird.

It was another good day. I am so glad there is no snow on the ground yet. I will take as many of these sunny, snow-free days as I can get. I am ready for Sam to come home. There is just a little too much crazy in one little house sometimes. Alex is wearing underwear to bed tonight because he has developed a rash and I think it might be a reaction to the diapers he wears at night. We'll see. I am guessing I will be doing laundry in the morning. Go, fight, win!


Carissa and Tanner said...

I love this one. Way to rock the blog AND the single mom thing!

Spencer and Anna said...

Love this post! All of the little parts of me are constantly struggling against each other. It's a daily Civil War. :) And the picture of Declan in the stroller is my new favorite. He looks like a cute, little thug.

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