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I have met a lot of people as we've moved around the country. There are so many people to keep in touch with and it can get really difficult. I had a good friend in Texas who told me that she wouldn't keep in touch when we moved away and, sure enough, I haven't talked to her since then. I never tried because I knew she wasn't interested. There are other friends who I don't talk to for months and we just pick up where we left off. Today, I was texting my friend Kristen from our Ithaca days. I miss her. She always saw the good in people and I needed that as a new mom. I need that still. Maybe I should invite myself to Wisconsin again.

This afternoon, I had to send my cousin some old pictures for a project she is working on and I came across about 100 pictures in an album I labeled "Cousin Craziness." Creative. We were driving back to Provo from Salt Lake City with Michelle and Grandma Hilton, circa 2006. We got stuck in traffic for a few hours so we started having a photoshoot in the backseat of Grandma's car. It was ridiculously awesome. I love Kayla and Justine and miss them so much. Even when we see each other, we hardly get to talk because they each have a kid and I have three and things get busy. Back then we were all in our first semester at BYU. So young.

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I am not missing Sam because he got home today! We are all very excited to have him home for the next few days. Then I will be back to my HGTV ways next week when he leaves on his next vacation. He argues they aren't vacations but, yeah, they are totally vacations.

In other misses, Declan narrowly misses getting smacked in the head when hanging out under the swing. It is such a fun mobile!

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I was missing Edison. Then I found him hiding away in a box.

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I miss Declan while he sleeps. Tonight he fell asleep before I could even get him in bed. I made him sit up on the couch so I could take pictures of my baby burrito. This picture cracks me up because it hardly looks like him! Sam parted his hair after his bath and he looks so old and fat. Oh baby, be a baby! This is something I will miss.

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Holly Decker said...

You have not aged a single day! Looking at that Byu picture looks like it was taken yesterday. Way to stay young and beautiful.

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