November. That means it is time for another round of NaBloPoMo. I committed to another photo-a-day list.

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Usually I don't look ahead but today I looked through some of the prompts and didn't feel any sort of inspiration. Today's is "Fruit." I figured I would go to the store and buy some pomegranates since my sister-in-law sent me a gift card for my birthday that is designated for pomegranates only. But then something way cooler happened! It never ceases to amaze me that the prompts just work out even though I don't think they will.

We went to the grocery store tonight after dinner. I only needed a few things so I ran in and Sam stayed in the car with the boys. I walked around the produce section and couldn't find any pomegranates. Irritating but no surprise since this is Williston. I figured I would ask an employee. I approached her she didn't hear me so I had to walk around in front of her. I asked her for pomegranates and I could see she didn't understand. She said something and I recognized her dialect and then saw her cochlear implant. I put up my hand and fingerspelled P-O-M-E-G. Her face immediately lit up and she pulled some pre-packaged pomegranates from the shelf. I made a classifier to describe that I wanted the whole pomegranates and she walked away to find them for me. She signed to me that she was new and didn't know where anything was yet. I signed "Thank you" and was on my way. I was giddy. People who speak Spanish or even Chinese get so many more opportunities to use their language skills than I do. I haven't signed with someone for more than a year. I could tell that the last thing she expected and it totally made my day.

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Another reason I support NaBloPoMo is because I don't want to fall behind on blogging. It is so easy to do around the holidays and I have spent the last month catching up so I will also be including snippets of our day. So... today I painted the boys' toenails. Sam was not impressed. It almost all came off during their bath anyway. Edison has the whackiest toes. Those things are cracking me up.

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When Alex got home from school today, he wanted to see if the tractors were still working outside. They have been totally trashing our front yard for the last few days attempting to fix a broken pipe. Remember how we got grass put in less than two months ago? So much for that. The boys love seeing the tractor work outside but since our water was turned off for several hours and they were working right outside our window until 11pm a few nights ago, I am ready for this to be done.

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Also, I think we might have a crawler on our hands. Today was the first time Declan has moved his hands while trying to get somewhere. Usually I am really stingy on declaring kids "crawlers" or "walkers" (10 step rule), however, I am bending my rules for Declan today. Good job, little dude!

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Janelle said...

He can't be crawling yet!! That's not fair. Can't wait to see all my babies' babies in less than 4 weeks!
P.S. Those pomegranates look really good.

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