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A few weeks into my sophomore year of high school, and first semester of ASL, we played a game where the teacher fingerspelled a word and the first person to pull the thing she spelled out of their backpack and run it up to her would win. After signing a few words, she fingerspelled "Coupon." That was a tricky one because you sound out the letters when reading fingerspelling and "Coupon" doesn't really follow the rules. Since we were all beginners, she had to fingerspell it a few times. Eventually I figured it out, realized I had a coupon for a free cherry limeade from Sonic and won the round for my team. Thus began the period of me thinking my purse was kind of weird. I actually won another contest a few months ago because I had a toothbrush and a water bottle in my purse.

Today, my purse is really boring though. If I didn't have kids, I wouldn't even need to carry one. Let's take a gander at the purse of a mother of three...

 photo IMG_9637_zps4547f49f.jpg

Diaper changing pad, two diapers for Declan, one diaper for Edison, wipes, baby blanket, nursing cover, tissues, my wallet, Goldfish, Carmex, Tylenol, hand sanitizer, anti-itch stick, gum, pens, pencil, highlighter, Declan's keys, pacifier, pepper spray, and my keys.

Don't everyone try to steal my purse at once.

Sam got home today. Want to see what he took pictures of on his trip to Denver? Here you go:

Not a computer malfunction. Zero pictures. 

I babysat two little girls from church this morning. Alex and Ellee are great friends and get so silly when they are together.

 photo IMG_9638_zpsd0f8a9d2.jpg

Sam and I went on a date tonight then came home and Declan cried for an hour as we tried getting him to sleep. Poor boy. That's the most helpless I've felt in his life so far. No idea what was wrong but I cuddled him to sleep and then cuddled him some more. Maybe he needs less paper in his diet. That little punk ate the trunk of our grateful tree!

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Geevz said...

Dude, my kid is obsessed with paper too! He is always demolishing a magazine or something and eating it. I love that ASL activity. What a creative teacher!

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