September was a busy month. Fun times all around. I have some frustrated days where I am pretty sure I am the worst mom ever but my kids are so resilient, smart, and funny. I cannot imagine three little people I would rather have alongside me as we make memories.

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Edison is three-and-a-half! I love half birthdays.

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Time for haircuts. Way overdue.

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Cute boys with short hair. Declan grew up a decade.

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Sleep or eat? Both are priorities.

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A huge storm came through town. Sam and I were looking out the window and watching peoples' lawn furniture roll by and then we remembered that our car was parked outside because we had been eating dinner in the garage. I ran out in socks to move it in and ended up getting a huge bump on my head and welt on my leg from the hail.

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Swimming time

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Declan is getting so smart. He tries to say a lot of words but many of them sound the same.

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Alex is obsessed with bugs. He picks up any bug, dead or alive, that he comes across.

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Uncle Jared sure knows how to make his nephew's day.

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I was so in love with our beautiful grass and was sad as we watched it get ripped out. Again.

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Sometimes Daddy works from home and the boys do their best to make sure the working is kept to a minimum.

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We didn't do very much Kids Bowl Free this summer but we made sure to go one last time before it ended.

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Things my oldest child didn't learn until he was a four-year-old were learned by my youngest child as a one-year-old.

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Prayer time.

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I have another ball-obsessed child.

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I walked out of my room to see this. Declan climbed onto a chair, over the table, across his high chair, and onto the counter to get a cracker.

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Our 2013 blog books arrived and were added to the collection.

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Dinner with the Hiatts. The boys sat at their own little table and very little food was eaten and many drinks were spilled.

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White trash baby at the store with no shoes.

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Gorgeous day at the park with my gorgeous friends, Anneliese and Stephanie.

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Declan has crazy hair after a bath.

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We love story time at the library. We love the library in general.

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I am expecting this stroller to flip any second. I always have to remind them that it is a one person stroller!

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Jaxon Hiatt is three! He had an adorable pumpkin party.

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I am so proud when my primary kids get baptized. Yay, Evan!

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Emily, Stephanie, and Anneliese after the General Women's Broadcast

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Sam Andelin came back to town for a few days so we went over to his parents' house for amazing food, because that's what the Andelins do.

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Waiting at the dentist is not fun.

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But the cleaning is fun and then they get a little toy!

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Everything can be a bracelet.

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A young man in the other ward was in a terrible car accident and his medical bills are piling up. A restaurant owner in our ward did a fundraiser to help so we went up to Noonan to support the cause and eat good food.

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Declan needs some more fear in him. He is going to give me an ulcer.

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"I'm coming, Grandma!"

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Sam took all three boys camping for the first time! I asked him what time Declan fell asleep and he didn't know because Sam fell asleep while Declan was still crawling around the tent!

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I let Alex and Edison play unsupervised right around our garage while I made dinner. The windows were open and I could hear them laughing hysterically so I went down to see what they were doing. Throwing mud at our neighbor's truck. This neighbor is a guy Sam worked with in Chicago when he installed security systems (Williston is a small world). To say I was livid would be an understatement. Why couldn't they throw the mud at our annoying neighbor's truck?!
 These boys say such funny, quirky things. I need to write more of them down because they crack me up every time they speak.

Alex: Alex the snake is coming to get Edison the rat. By the way, I'm a venomous snake.

Alex: Was Jesus adopted by evil?

Edison: I don't want to go to church! I think I'm feeling a little sick.

Alex: Edison, help me look for seagull feces!
Emily: Huh?
Alex: I meant seagull faces.
Emily: Still weird.

Edison: Ladies and jigglemen...

Emily: Oh no! I just ran a red light. I thought I could make it through in time but I didn't.
Alex: You're going to break the traffic!

Edison approached me carrying a toy otoscope and said, "I need to look in your ear." I bent down and said, "What do you see in there?" He replied matter-of-factly, "Cavities."

Edison: Mom, I kind of need to go potty.
Emily: Hurry, go go go!
Edison: Can I just take one more big bite before I go?

I put on a skirt because I had to run to the church for a few minutes. When I got home, Edison saw me and asked, "Mom, why do you have your Sunday tutu on?"

Alex: Mom, do you want to chillax?
Emily: No, I'm fine.
Alex: Chillax is crazy talk for relax.

While in bed I overheard the boys saying this...
Edison: I'm a little scared.
Alex: You don't need to be scared. You have a big brother!


Watching Harv

I have loved this kid since before he was born. Maybe since before he was even in his mommy's belly? He is such a cute, sweet little baby and he is growing up fast! Carissa was having a hard time finding permanent childcare for him while she worked so I offered to have him play with us. She was hesitant because, hello, mother-of-three over here. I only watched Harvey for 20 days and it was hard to let him go, but the perfect opportunity fell into her lap and I didn't want her to miss it. We all miss having Harvey around though. My kids ask about him daily. Luckily we still get to have play dates with him on Carissa's days off.

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September Dates

Sam and Edison went to play on a giant pile of sand for their date. They ended up getting kicked off because the company had people get hurt while playing on a sand pile at another location so they changed company policy. Total bummer.

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Alex and I went on a double date with Karen and Jiahs after swim lessons. The boys were so well-behaved and Alex liked having a friend there with us.

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