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This blog has been looking just about the same since 2010. Redesigning the blog header has been on my to do list for months. I mostly wanted to add tabs to the header, widen the margins, and clear up the side columns. I had zero idea how to do that though. I called my genius brother Jared and he stayed on the phone with me for three hours. Three hours! On a school night. That's just how Jared is. I am convinced he would do anything for me. Jared is funny and smart and kind. I am so grateful I have him as a brother. Redesigning my blog was not important to him but helping me was important to him and that makes me feel pretty happy. He is swell.

 photo BlogRedo2_zpsc199dfa8.jpg

I could not be happier with my new header. It went through a lot of bad drafts before I made this one and I think it will be sticking around for a while!

 photo BlogRedo1_zpsdc1b5a56.jpg

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