The rest of February is going to get dumped here because, well, I am tired. Alex said, "I miss my friends in Williston but I sure like how big Texas is." That about sums it up. We are thriving but I am glad I can still talk to and virtually see some of our distant friends.

FaceTime with Carissa

We are obsessed with Toddler Time at the library. 

My kids are always keeping me on my toes.

FaceTime with the Hiatts

Church pictures are a no-no. But those lips!

Houston Moms Book Club: Emily, Missy, Amanda, Melissa, Jennifer

We played with our new friends at Eldridge Park while Alex was in school one morning. Dane and Edison found a turtle.

The boys were so excited to get a package that they could not even be bothered to close the front door.

We got heart attacked via the mailman. The Hiatts are so thoughtful. This means so much to me.

Back at the library again.

One night Edison woke up crying. I went into his room and he said his foot hurt. I noticed he had hives. Totally unsure what caused them but they lasted for about 24 hours.

His right foot looked terrible, and then five minutes later his right foot was perfectly fine and his left foot was covered in hives.

A little carnival was set up in the parking lot of the Hong Kong City Mall by our house. The boys asked every single time we drove by if we could go. Finally we did and they were thrilled.

Alex loved the Ferris wheel and I was so scared! This whole carnival was sketchy and it made me nervous!

Alex came to me and said, "Mom, can I take a shower by myself?" And just like that, he grew up.

We went to the dollar theater as a family and had the whole place to ourselves. I have no idea how it is still in business.

I said, "Who wants to share their ice cream with me?" Immediately and simultaneously, I had three cones stretched out to me. These kids are so sweet.

Need a moving company? This one seems legit.

The Sheets came over for family home evening. The kids had to get out all of the toys and then decide to build a fort instead.

Sam and I are home teaching companions. We took the boys to our first appointment to meet an older couple. It was a disaster. Edison broke a little figurine by tripping over a lamp cord and pulling the lamp into the figurine, Alex woke up and let out the dogs, and then Declan fed the dogs chocolate. It was a regular circus show.

The sister missionaries in our ward needed a ride to the temple. We wandered around the temple grounds while we waited for them to come out. It was a four-and-a-half hour activity and then I had to hurry home to take dinner to a new friend who had her baby, and then the elders came over for dinner that night. It was a crazy day.

Sister Moreno and Sister Turner

Hello, library Toddler Time! We have missed you since last week!

Declan, Dane, Edison

Sam took Alex and Edison to a Rockets game. It was a late night and it looks like Edison was starting to zone out.

I went to our stake women's conference and Sam took the boys to Chinatown to eat some food that I would definitely not be willing to try. Sam loves living so close to readily available and authentic Chinese food.

Alex is the coolest.

Other things:
I attended a parent-teacher conference about Alex and was told he is brilliant. I already knew that.
I am finding my way around several new grocery stores which is decreasing my time spent there and thus my time wandering around aimlessly and buying Oreos.
I cook regularly but semi-despise our kitchen.
Susan and I went to the temple together and that was very cool. Except for when I ran a red light on the drive home. I stopped at the light, and then the truck in front of me went through so I did, too. I am glad we did not die since she was just seven days away from giving birth to her third child (see above for "take dinner to a new friend who had her baby").
Sam spoke in sacrament meeting about the Law of the Fast and did a great job.
I have to rake our yard because the leaves have decided that it is finally Autumn.
The homeowner came over to fix the pipes and he lost his wedding ring. I am still hoping it will turn up somewhere.
I redeemed the facial gift certificate Sam gave me for Valentine's Day. Then I was conned into buying $40 worth of product because the esthetician could not believe that my skin looks like this at "Only 26 years old!" The horror. Now I have a complex and I am poor. Boo hiss, lady.


February Dates

I had to meet someone in a parking lot to sell them Rock Band but he was an hour late so most of my date with Edison was spent hanging out in the van. We eventually made it to a frozen yogurt place and then headed home for a late bedtime. It feels like we are checking out all of the frozen yogurt place within 10 miles of our house.

Alex and Sam also got frozen yogurt on their dates. Then they went to a bakery and a store to pick out a toy. I love how much these kiddos open up on their dates. I am starting to think of them as real people and less like kids; that is sad but also good so that I can come to grips with them leaving me one day.

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