Chinese New Year

In our previous Texas life, Sam played softball on a city league. He met a guy named Cliff Sheets there. When we moved back, we ended up in the Sheets' ward. Jenny, his wife, is so sweet and she and Sam connected over their mutual Chinese-ness (except Jenny is actually Chinese and Sam just thinks he is). She told me about a Chinese New Year celebration at the Chinese ward. I was very curious to see what it would be like but I definitely did not expect it to be such a big production.

Jenny gave these outfits to them!

Declan was not impressed.

Sam was basically giddy through the entire party. I have to admit that it was awesome. I love things like this and it was fun to see Sam surrounded by people who speak his preferred language.

Chicken feet!

We had to leave early because I was going out with some members of the Houston Moms group that night. It was probably a good thing since my taste buds and (most of) the food at the party did not get along.

Emily, Amanda, Marcia, Tawnya, Evelyn, Anjali, Raji

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