5 O'Clock

Declan thought nighttime was play time last night so I was probably awake at 5am but I was no where close to lucid and did not take a picture. Church was pretty stressful. Sam stayed home with Alex because Alex keeps insisting that he is sick and sniffles even though his nose isn't runny. It is aggravating. Edison and Declan came with me and we sat next to a mom with a tiny new baby and three older kids. It was chaos. I probably walked in and out twenty times rounding up kids (mostly hers).
Alex doesn't normally get a nap on Sundays but Sam put him down since it was a quiet house and there was a good chance a "sick" Alex would sleep. It took him a while to fall asleep but I was surprised to see that he was still asleep when we got home from church at 4:25. I was sitting and watching Edison bounce around the house and 5:00pm sneaked right up on me. I am glad I set an alarm. Edison and I went downstairs to wake up Alex because we wanted him to be able to go to sleep tonight.

 photo IMG_9712_zpsacd1b1e7.jpg

These boys miss each other like crazy when they are apart. Then they drive each other crazy when they are together. They are like an old married couple.

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Carissa and Tanner said...

That picture is awesome. Love bothe their faces!

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