I opened up the blinds today and there was not a cloud in sight. I felt like the fish on Finding Nemo who says, "Morning. It's morning, everyone! Today's the day! The sun in shining, the tank is clean, and we are gonna get out of... [gasp] The tank is clean." No clouds on the day I am supposed to blog about clouds. I figured I would put a pin in it and maybe clouds would come around later.

The boys traded places today. Alex and Edison wanted to be swaddled and Declan just wandered around looking at them like they were crazy.

 photo IMG_9511_zpsef1225bd.jpg

 Declan is becoming a really good little crawler. He prefers no pants and it's a shame because his knees are getting so red. I know the roughness is coming and it makes me sad. I love his baby skin.

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We took Sam to the airport this afternoon. Alex wiped away Sam's kiss. Also, don't worry that I didn't think to have Sam take a picture of flying through the clouds on cloud day. Apparently my head is in the clouds.

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Since no real clouds were available, my brain went where it always goes: food. I owed Maggie some cinnamon rolls for letting us borrow her baby swing for six months. Declan is over swings. He would rather move around and just tries to flip himself out of swings now.

 photo IMG_9515_zps80ea900e.jpg

And since the Bosch was already out, I might as well make some pretzels, right? Last week when Sam was out of town, I gained three pounds. I decided I was going eat healthier this time. Before he had even landed in Denver, I had made a double batch of cinnamon rolls and soft pretzels. Not a great start.

 photo IMG_9514_zps8f649dfb.jpg

We loaded the swing and cinnamon rolls (with cloud-like cream cheese icing, duh) into the car and delivered them to Maggie. We got there before she was home so Declan got to hang out in the driver's seat. Alex and Edison were jealous.

 photo IMG_9516_zpsf3af6e4f.jpg

I feel like I am on something tonight. I should not be this hyper. I don't know what has happened to me recently. I took happy pills or something. I am glad though; I like being happy.


Katie Larsen said...

I can't get over your chunky baby!! Too dang cute.

BTW, if I knew how to cook cinnamon rolls, I'd be right there with ya :-)

P.S. I'm due in 4 weeks....any last-minute tips??? You're so good at momma-ing. I need coaching advice from the pro!

Olivia said...

Nice looking baked goods :) I say it's only fair to eat what you want when hubby is out of town!

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