"Simple" isn't really something I do. In general, I tend to complicate things. Some things I don't really care about but if I care, I fixate, and then I overdo. I tweaked my back doing laundry; I am the valedictorian of laundry.

In today's edition of over-the-top, I woke up barely able to move. Declan crawled into the corner of our dresser and I sat there staring at him and calling for Sam. I couldn't bend over and pick him up. After slowly moving around, I got started on the cupcakes. It took five hours. I am glad Kim (RS President) came over to help me package them or it would have taken all day!

 photo Simplicity1_zpsf7f0ed4f.jpg

 photo Simplicity2_zpsfb74a6d5.jpg

The boys have been asking to play outside so Sam took them out today since it was in the 20s.

 photo Simplicity3_zpsc8ed65ad.jpg

They loved it and kept telling him that they weren't cold. But they came in and their little cheeks were so red!

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I bought 20 pounds of chicken tonight and, in combination with the freezer meals, our freezer was exploding. I had to use some frozen fruit so I made the biggest smoothie our blender could handle. Edison tipped his cup down his shirt. Better than throw up!

 photo Simplicity5_zpsc1b92205.jpg

Alex usually wants Sam to give him a ride downstairs at bedtime. Edison would rather crawl down headfirst. Tonight, they had a headfirst race while Alex was riding on Sam's back. Declan and I observed the crazy from afar. Silly boys.

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