I am trying to be more positive. I want to be more positive toward my kids and also more positive about myself. I don't want to be dragging everyone around me down all the time. I would hate if someone followed me around all day telling me what I am doing wrong! Now I get to be my own cheerleader as I talk about my day.

Yes! My kids woke up at 7:30am and I didn't go back to bed.
Yes! Alex and Edison ate all of their breakfast and then asked for more.
Yes! Edison cleaned up the mess of butter he smeared on my bedspread.
Yes! I contributed at my meeting this morning and felt like a valuable part of the committee.
Yes! Alex described me as a "roller coaster" today which means I am lots of fun, right? Right.
Yes! Edison was standing in the kitchen instead of on the carpet when he pulled the lid off of his cup and dumped out the milk.
Yes! Not a single crayon was broken during today's coloring session. Not even by me after Edison accidentally ripped down our grateful tree!
Yes! I forgot our jackets when we left the house today and no one froze to death.
Yes! Two out of three kids took a nap.
Yes! Alex didn't punch Edison after Edison hit him on the head with a wooden train track.
Yes! I wasn't okay with something and then I prayed about it and now I don't know why I was sad. I feel so peaceful now. I hope to remember this before I have a breakdown next time.
Yes! Declan didn't get smacked in the face when Edison hurled a {plastic} golf club across the room.
Yes! No one in our family is throwing up even though it seems like everyone else in Williston is sick.
Yes! I made a super cute invitation for a girls night out in a few weeks.
Yes! Our kitchen has recovered from being totally ransacked this afternoon as I hurriedly made dinner.
Yes! I am only a little jealous of Sam's rental car. I wonder why I don't get upgraded for free to a Mercedes when I walk in with my perfectly clean and well behaved children.

 photo IMG_9336_zps66a1893a.jpg

Yes! I delivered an amazing dinner to some friends and everyone said they liked it.

 photo IMG_9333_zps6773c002.jpg

Yes! The boys were sad as we delivered the dinner but they couldn't make grumpy faces anymore once I started taking pictures of them.

 photo IMG_9334_zpsd1ec62df.jpg

Yes! I have a baby who loves me so much, he cranes his neck to see me while I am driving.

 photo IMG_9335_zpsd9dc5665.jpg

Yes! The boys ate all of their dinner and Alex said multiple times that it was delicious.
Yes! I single-handedly did the boys' bedtime routine in 15 minutes.
Yes! I only ate two scoops of ice cream tonight instead of the seven I wanted to eat.
Yes! Sam gets home tomorrow!

 photo IMG_9338_zps3d65c4fa.jpg

Wow. I am pretty awesome. Go me.


Matthew & Laura said...

Emily you are so incredibly awesome! It is so important, especially as a mom I have fount out, to recognize your victories throughout the day. Even if they are small. It can be so easy to get caught up in the failures or frustrations. Yes! YOU ARE AWESOME!!!

Jershelly said...

I really liked this post Emily! I need to be my own mental cheerleader as well.

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