Saturdays are awesome because we get to play all day long. It was a little bit of a rough night last night so we chilled out this morning.

Declan tries to fit everything in his mouth. Some things just won't fit, bud.

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This afternoon, I went to pick up our Bountiful Basket. It contained the biggest potato I have ever seen.

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Our friend Nikki had a Pie Night again this year. While I was getting ready to go, Alex said, "Mommy, your eyes are painted." Then Sam said, "Is Mom a painted lady?" I am surrounded by comedians.

Pie Night was so fun and there were a lot of great people and a ton of pies! I only tried two but I wanted to try all of them.

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I wanted to make something I had never made before so I made turtle hand pies. I would say they were delicious but I don't know because I didn't have one. Sam said that they could have used more filling but I could not have fit anymore chocolate or caramel in those things! The dough was tearing because they were so full!

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The boys had so much fun. They were playing upstairs most of the time and I didn't see Edison at all for about an hour.

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We played a game to guess how many objects were in a jar. Sam got the closest and won this spiffy thing. We love playing with our friends!

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Olivia said...

The turtle hand pies were delish!!

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