Too young?

Sam is trying to brainwash Alex to be a BYU fan. Alex wasn't very interested in watching the BYU football game on Saturday though. So Sam forced him to watch. Child abuse!

Our ward had a corn roast at a park on Labor Day. After lunch we played on the slide and swings. Alex wasn't really into it. Is it possible to be too young for the slide? Sad day.
Sam thought I was going to make Alex go down the slide alone! Not a chance.


lindser-lou said...

that picture of him in the swing is too cute! i cant believe just how tiny those babies can be.
and just think, one day you can post another picture of him filling it up!

Jeff and Rachael Downs said...

I'm pretty sure it's a man thing to have their little boys watch sports...everytime Jeff and I pass any baby ASU or Cardinals gear he wants to buy it...I told Jeff that our child's not allowed to watch sports with him until he's 12, haha!! You're so cute with Alex!!

Candi said...

Yeah.........you might need to give a year or two! then you wont be able to get him off the slide!.

Holly Janeen said...

Jeff and I have the same issues... we make Charlie do lots of things that we are anticipating... slides, swings... its funny how sometimes we want kids to grow up fast. i have JUST started not wanting Charlie to grow up. before it seemed like he couldn't grow fast enough! i guess its important to just enjoy each stage :)

fyi, i have a lot more to say, but i have to divide it up due to length.

Holly Janeen said...

and um, thank you for your comments on my blog. I LOVE THEM. keep em coming. you rock. hope all is well :) oh, and yes, lets set up our kids on a date... i will have a girl next and you have a girl next and then we can just make two little love matches! :) thanks for relating about dads in underwear and YES, i love bath time.

Catherine Glad said...

Ha, ha. Your comment about BYU football and child abuse made me laugh because Jason made me take Parker and go to a BYU football game with him when Parker was only a month old. It was so hot and noisy but Jason was determined that we teach him young to LOVE BYU football. Gotta love our obsessed husbands, right?!

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