My full time job

Alex is Aging! (6.5 Weeks)
  • Made me fall completely in love with him.
  • Cooing and smiling at us. I love seeing his gums. I can't help but smile back at him.
  • Reacting to eye contact.
  • Discovered that his hands are attached to his body and he can (somewhat) control them.
  • He hates his carseat. Nothing can trigger a fit as quickly as getting buckled in.
  • He loves his bath time. It will immediately calm him down. He would love to just lounge in the water all day.
  • Sam is wrapped around this baby's little finger. Alex loves sleeping on Sam's chest and Sam loves it, too. It is so relaxing watching them sleep like that.
  • His entire body tightens up and then he grunts as he poops.
  • He has a sixth sense for knowing when I am sitting down to eat. Even if he is sleeping, as soon as my meal hits the table, his eyes will fly open and it will time to eat immediately!
  • When he sneezes his whole body shakes.
  • Cuddling with me in the morning.
  • Leg twitching and occasional wrist twitching.
  • Some loud noises will not effect him in the slightest and then other noises will be met with arms thrown into the air in panic.
  • His cry is so cute. Is that bad for me to think? Sometimes I don't really mind listening to him cry.
  • Only cries when he is hungry or in his carseat. Or if he gets the hiccups. Those dang hiccups.
  • He loves our walks outside.
I am constantly praying for comfort, answers, understanding, and just to thank God for the miracle in my arms. I want to be the perfect mom for Alex because I can tell he deserves it.

Going to do laundry!

A normal ride in the carseat.

First time wearing shoes.

Learning how to play Rock Band with Daddy.

His first experience with the Bumbo.

Walking and breastfeeding. Awkward! (But I felt like SuperMom!)

Sometimes I can't bring myself to let him go. Even if he's sleeping.

My fat and happy little boy.


lindser-lou said...

too cute! i want one...and i wouldnt put him down either.

Ali said...

He is so cute! I can't believe you're a mom!!! That's so awesome Em!

Camille Elise said...

Ur such a cute mom! I still can't believe it just like the other commenter. It's SO weird. I still think of you as the girl down the street that got stung by a scorpion while sleeping over, and the girl who played poker in the attic with candy, and the girl who sold candy to her brothers! oh, so many memories!

Lindsey Layton said...

Oh! He's so cute! And I can tell you are a fantastic mother :o)

Rachel said...

cute, cute, cute!

Candi said...

Love the photos, so happy for your guys! He is getting so big after every post!

Rachel said...

In answer to your question on my blog, I have no idea how to get them to sleep through the night. Nate didn't sleep through the night until he was like 6 months, and even then it was kind of touch and go.
The ONLY thing I've done differently is put a little lavender oil on Emi's feet before she goes to bed, which is a natural calming effect.

Noelle said...

You look fabulous. I agree, I would never want to put him down, I'm afraid I'll have a hard time sharing too ;> He is way cute.

Roo said...

HI. I am glad you found me. I will add you on to the list so we can keep in touch this way. WE should plan something so we can get together. You should come to playgroup even though Alex is young just so we can chat! :)

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